Saturday, August 15, 2009

What I Really Miss About The Game.

WotLK is and has been fun. Everyone likes different things, you and me both.

It's a minority view maybe, but I miss allot of the game challenges. As well I really miss the days when it was really challenging to be a Tank or a Good Tank at least, but thats my view from my experience. These days any idiot if they are can tank just about! And as a result I believe you have more lazy DPSer's and Healers. And Tanks as well going full circle.

I miss the days of tBC when in Heroics mobs actually murdered people. Yes I may be one sick Veteran Tank. But it was damn thrilling to know back in tBC if you couldn't think and execute pulls with some logic and challenge as a good Tank, healers got murdered in one hit, incompetent DPSers got their ass kicked and lazy Tanks was shown to be lazy and incompetent.

Yes i enjoyed those days every bit! It was thrilling to know doing things and executing things as a Tank was that challenging. It may not be what you miss about the game or old days, but it's what I personally miss about my game and it's my opinion as well. That don't make it wrong or right. It's what I miss for the thrill of Tanking.

These days it's just about AoE everything, let's all be lazy together and stand in the back and just AoE as well for the easy ride of a faceroll to purple loot. Hey AoEing is fun, i enjoy that too at times. But i miss some of the dungeon tactics of the past that does involve a bit of thinking. Some people won't agree with that and thats fine, this may not be what you miss about the game, it could be something else and thats all fine. But i'm different from you in what i find fun or enjoyable and what i miss just won't be the same for you based on how i've played the game.

My Favorite Instance. Even with WotLK, I'll still have to say it was Steamvault! People used to get murdered their for being incompetent with actually using their skill set or not knowing how to use them. It was nothing faceroll about running Steamvault back in tBC or Shadow Labs either. Yes I'm one sick Paladin maybe. Maybe I'm just a bit twisted by the light in my ways.


Jonathan said...

I know what you mean, but perhaps there's a portion of that which is rose-tinted hindsight.

I remember tanking baron runs pre-BC; although I look back fondly, at the time they seemed absolutely hellish (especially as a warrior tank, because nothing else was really viable at the time).

There are a lot of things from the old game that I'd quite like to see updated for the modern game (like the hunter epic bow quest, quel'serrar and so on), and Onyxia being back in the game should be interesting for us old timers. But all in all, I don't think we'll see a return to the old days, and there's no doubt the game is much more social now! But I do sometimes miss the days when epics felt epic, a solid set of blues was something to be proud of, and heroics felt.. well, heroic, as opposed to the way the instance was designed to be played.

Argent said...

You may think that anyone can tank given decent gear, but I joined a PuG for ToC-10, and we wiped repeatedly on the first boss because the other tank could not manage a tank change from the first boss. (who does a stacking "Impale" debuff ala Kologarn/Gluth)

On the first go, he never taunted the boss even when I called for a taunt. I ended up popping my bubble to clear the debuff then getting the debuffed stacked to 4-5 before I died.

On the second attempt, he started taunting from the get-go, and taunted on every cooldown until the boss became immune to taunts.

The third attempt he waited for the call to taunt, but again, he didn't stop taunting after the switch and I could never take the boss back while the debuff stacked to about 4 or so before he died. (He also was using +def and +agi elixirs while defense capped, rather than the 1300 hp flask. Overall, he had about 6k less health than I.)

I was really astounded, but we were never able to get through the first boss without him dying and then me having to bubble/cancel to remove the debuff stacks. Since the next fight is "not one, but TWO jormungars", we weren't able to get through the "faceroll" boss.

Melvin said...

I don't agree.. I've been playing WoW since Feb 2005 and back when the game was as you mentioned, it was such a pain to even get a tank. Sure it was great when you were a tank or had a buddy that was a tank then you could run the instances over and over and get all the gucci gear, but for everyone else, it wasn't that way. You were at the mercy of tanks and to a lesser extent healers.

I'm happy the days of LF TANK for an hour are over. Although I think it still takes still to be a good tank and that not just everyone can do it. It takes a certain personality to tank good or even great. It's more of a leadership position in a 5 man as you select the pulls and set the pace for the run. Now a days you just have more options then ever before.

But I sure do not miss the days of having a healer (i was a healer) and 3 DPS and looking for a tank. Or in generally looking for the 'perfect' combination of classes to run an instance.

Gravity said...

Oh yeah, what a reminder. God heroics were really tough weren't they. Those mobs in Hellfire hit like trucks!

Nomasun said...

I hate heroics for how easy they are.

I was excited for WoW 3.0 because shaman finally got some CC with Hex, only to find I *never* cast it.

What's My Main Again? said...

I agree... I don't understand why they went out of their way to give most classes some form of CC only to pretty much completely remove the use of it from the game. Ok, granted... we still use a little bit of it in Ulduar but why not in heroics?

To be honest though not all tanks are created facerollable. I've never really had to work to keep threat on my paladin be it single target or AOE. My warrior though... he is a bit tougher. I find myself having to time out abilities to have the greatest effect and you really have to work hard to get the greatest amount of threat instead of just following a set 969 rotation.

Still the fact that any of the tanks can take on a 5 pull and not die... it just doesn't have the same feel. Heck I single tanked 3 groups of trash in military wing without dying or losing aggro on my paladin... that just doesn't seem right.

Almaster said...

i liked the post, we pretty much think like each others, i recently posted something like what you did a week ago on my blog.

Paul said...

I'll never miss Steamvault. I'll just remember being practically guaranteed a wipefest on the first boss if we didn't have a Warlock on board.

WotLK possibly went too far in democratizing PVE content. Anyone could do it. Then again, I think they were compensating for the insane curve in TBC.

The signs I've seen in the patches though (first emphasising hard modes, then moving them into their own instance resets) indicates to me that Blizz accepts this. By the time the next expansion comes, I think they'll have the balance better between normal mode (see the content) and hard/heroic mode (beat the content).