Friday, August 7, 2009

WoW Update 08/07/09

Baby Druid posting for a photo shot, those new skins are cool, leveling another for all that many levels might not quite be as cool. But 3.2 is in full swing and for the most part I haven't been all that worried about it or paying a whole lot of attention to the new Argent Coliseum or Instances for the most part.

For the most part I like to stay focus on whatever I'm focused on and that's getting my Shaman to 80 eventually. Got my Shaman to 75 today which is great and picked up a ton of new training at the trainer which was allot. I paused when I was reading the new training spell for Lava Burst for Shaman and tried to figure out how the hell do a Enhancement Shaman use Lava Burst which seem more like a Elemental Talent with the cast time that don't go well with a Enhancement Shaman. A bit Confused I am on that spell.

I haven't been to the Argent Tournament to do much in months since being exalted Champion, but with my saved up Champion Seals I bought a Heirloom Chest piece for my leveling Shaman and oh what a difference does 20% leveling XP make. Huge noticeable difference and its damn nice. One my Shaman passes lvl 69 and crossed over to lvl 70 leveling XP rate slowed down allot and was noticeable so it was nice with the patch 3.2 to pick up the new Heirloom Chest for more XP leveling. So that's been rather nice.

With the patch got my Shaman both Flight Training/Epic Flight and Mount as well Heirloom Cold Weather Flying all in one swoop. So that's my second character to ever earn wings. So its been nice taking flight independently while leveling since 3.2 on a lvl 75 Shaman so far. All in all enjoying playing my Shaman to say the least.

I did log in and respec my Paladin with minor change to the new spec, and started transmuting mats from personal stock to the new Epic Gems and just selling the Epic Gems on AH while they are all going hot.

As for 3.2 and the Argent Coliseum haven't been there. And since i'll be busy working all weekend I wont have much of any real WoW play time either.

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Bastien said...

You mentioned getting Lava Burst on your shaman, and being confused by it. This spell is primarily an elemental spell (as you surmised). As a matter of fact, it's the highest damage spell in an elemental shaman's rotation, when paired with the Flame Shock debuff. You won't really use this spell, if you're spec'ing enhance.