Monday, August 24, 2009

Too Much Excitement!

I guess if you haven't heard about the new expansion for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm by now I really don't know what to say. You probably been stuck in another realm maybe, because the last week and weekend been packed with the new expansion news and its damn exciting. And I'm flat out excited as well. Yet 2010 seem like a long time away as well to wait.

But I did try to keep up with all the BlizzCon 2009 news from the start all over the weekend and tried to read most all of it. Just allot of excitement all around about allot of things and so much to be excited about as well you almost forget the game is currently WotLK and almost seem outdated already.

To me it all sounds like World of Warcraft is getting a Reset!

Same characters and players, old races and a few new ones, new alliances but a whole new game world of World of Warcraft. That's really exciting for everyone with new stuff to do, new races to play and revamped professions, classes, talents and abilities for the theorycrafters to comb over because sooo much stuff is getting changed. Guild Talent are even very cool and exciting.

Can you say its just about a new game?

I'm excited though 2010 seems like along time to wait with all the news sizzling hot especially if its in the 2nd half of the year as well for the expansion.

Ah well I'm excited! I think I may stick around for the expansion just in case I was thinking about quitting. I need to start preparing for that starting now as well for the next expansion. Hopefully Blizzard sends me a Beta key when its ready, so Blizz please if your reading my small blog please send me one.

In Other News
Though haven't posted much was just busy playing my Shaman. But did get my Shaman to 80 last week just didn't have much time to play otherwise till the weekend but was just busy reading BlizzCon news as well. So that makes my Shaman my 2nd lvl 80 and i really stuck with leveling him up all the way from 0-80 all in one go.

So to say the least I do enjoy playing my Shaman! So far his gear at 80 so far is not too bad, mostly blues and and a epic or two. Ran my first two Heroics last night as another class other than as a Paladin and got several upgrades and a epic bracer in the Nexus. Was just fun even though wasn't expecting any new loot. Was just there to take my new 80 Shaman though the paces of doing DPS in a Heroics. Loot was the bonus.

So after getting my Shaman to 80 with his 2 pieces of Heirlooms the Shoulders and Chest I had no other alt to really send them to to really use, so send them off to my 70 Hunter that's been gathering lots of dust. I may start leveling him up just to get him somewhere close to 80. As well I may level up my DK a bit to at least get him up into Northrend. My Last remaining project for a touch of altism would be just to level up my 22 baby Druid who has a pair of Heirloom Shoulders and quietly hibernating in Tarren Mills.

To do before WoW Cataclysm Expansion: lvl 70 Hunter to 80. lvl 65 DK to 80. Project Druid: Get my baby Druid to 80 for sure it will be my last trek through the old world content before its gone in Cataclysm. The only other class i'll ever level after that will be in the next expansion and I have no idea what that will be.

Since I haven't really played my Paladin during the time I've been taking a break and leveling up my Shaman I logged on to my Paladin and headed up to the Argent Tournament for the first time in months and to see the new 3.2 stuff and do a few of the new dailies.

No joke, I Just About Almost Forgotten How To Paladin!

Oh Well exciting times for WoW. Are you Excited?


Steven said...


As I put on my FB status "I am wallowing in geek juice over the announcements at BlizzCon"

So in a word, Yes!

The revamp of the talent trees based on the concept of being able to spec for ultility or (gasp!) fun, and still be able to pull acceptable DPS / Heal / Tank is what really has me going.

Overall, good news.

In other old news, 5 days from my pally completing last faction champion... Trying to time and balance all my other reps to have teh "Mother of all Achievement dings" heh heh heh

Skarlarth and Co.

David said...

I anticipate and look forward to the expansion, absolutely. No new class bothers me as I would have loved to see another class in the game.

The problem I have is that, as you stated, the expansion is still quite a while away. I find if I spend too much time thinking about it, I get bored with the game in its CURRENT state. Since the expansion is quite a while away, I try very hard to tone down my excitement, or I will find myself quitting until it comes out :)