Saturday, August 15, 2009

Reality Check

Truth be told nerfs and the constant incoming Paladin nerfs seems to be a way of life from week to week.


So which do you believe: Tanks dressing up in their well maintained awesome healing gear and doing awesome unkillable healing in PvP in a tanking build? Or do you believe Holy Paladins taking advantage of PvP and game changes and using a Protect tanking build wearing their already handy Holy Spell power gear in PvP and being unkillable healing gods in a Protect tanking build?

How many tanks running around with fully well maintained healing sets? Last I checked I don't have any spell power gear sitting around anywhere. But I do have a usable Ret set. So do many Tanks I know have a viable Ret set they use for dual spec. I'm sure some tanks dual as Holy as well though insure more are Ret than Holy spec.

I get sick and tired of all the buffing and then nerfing and nerfing from PvP affecting PvE. I used to get sick and tired of my full time Retribution brothers acting up in PvP and getting me the Protect Paladin nerfed. As well as fake Protect Paladins in spell power gear getting me nerfed as well.

Whatever! I just don't care to worry about it anymore. We will get nerfed again real soon. Whatever!

Expansion news seem to be hot and everywhere.

So Goblin or Worgen? Well...... Horde! That's my answer and I'm sticking to it.

My E.Shaman is almost 78. Shamans are fun!

How's my Paladin in 3.2? Well haven't played him any since 3.2. Right now I'm playing my Shaman getting him to 80 whenever that is and I'm sticking to it.


Steven said...


I am Prot / Holy dual specc'ed and I DO have a pretty heal set in my bags, thank you very much...

But I don't PvP, or do much uber high end stuff as my pally is Alt #3, 80 #4, so never mind you know, but still hey! ;)

Tolecnal and Co.

Paul said...

The TbtL nerf isn't that much of a nerf really. Add in the RF nerf as well and I might be a little concerned, but then again we had really good threat before, so we should have something approaching normal threat now.