Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The 100,000 Club

Have being a bit busy lately and haven't really had time to notice that this blog has hit the 100,000 site visitor milestone for over a year of blogging on "My Life and Times...". I haven't really being blogging much lately either. So I guess I can say I've hit a major milestone that several other very popular WoW bloggers have way surpassed.

I remember when I was the only person that read my blog. I remember wondering if anyone would ever read it, or let alone find it interesting or informative in any way. I remember wondering if I could even write anything interesting. I remember thinking and writing notes to get and idea of things I could maybe write about because well sometimes I didn't know just what to write. I remember when it was hard to find WoW blogs and they were few to read. I remember sometimes wondering if anyone ever reads here. I remember wondering if anyone would link to this blog. I remember allot of things in the beginning that so many new bloggers think about. I've been there.

Through it all this blog had been my companion in WoW. I started and just kept at it and over time I got better at doing it. I still makes notes of things at some point to write about but I not longer have to think about it like way back then. The readers have made it more enjoyable and fun to keep at it on days when i sometimes never feel like posting but still do. But I know your still there reading and wondering if I'll post.

Many thanks to all those who have linked here to this blog and to all those readers and lurkers who read here for whatever reason you still lurk here. Its because of you that this blog has hit 100,000 site visitors and without you it would not have been possible. It certainly would also be less fun as well.


Megan said...

Grats on 100,000! :)

Anonymous said...


Alex - aka Firelight said...

Grats dude!!!

Nice work!

Keep it up! lets see if you can hit 200k!!

Val said...


Somewhere along the line I lost the code and login information for my original WoWGrrl counter, so I just tossed Google Analytics in there and haven't worried about displaying the count.

Too bad, I was wondering when my Akismet spam filtering number would superceed the number of visitors I've had since the blog started back on blogspot.


Thank you too for your thoughtful responses to my own postings - now that I'm not raiding and I can relax with my play, I'm happy to feel motivated to read other bloggers again. I'll be around quite a bit on your new posts I'd imagine :)

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Gothyelk said...


Anonymous said...

We did it baby! We did it together!

Just for that, I'm gonna cast Lay on Hands all over your body!


Tyderium said...

Grats on 100,000! I am mainly a lurker on here but really enjoy reading your blog.

I started one of my own a while back and I think I am also pretty much the only reader of it so I know how you feel man.

Once again grats!

gt said...

Nice! Congratulations! Reading your methodical approach to WoW has always pushed me to play smarter. I hope you reach 200k and beyond :)

Suicidal Zebra said...

Grats on 100,000 Galo

-Another Lurker

Galoheart said...

Thanks for all the Gratz and comments :)