Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Combat Weapon Swaping

I've got a bit of Badges of Justice saved up but at this point I'm just replacing Epic pieces really for different Tanking set pieces so recently picked up Libram of Divine Purpose. So Since I do use a 2H Weapon on and off when I feel like it, I placed the new Libram in my Macro for a quick switch like below. Easily allows me to in combat switch to a 1H/Shield and Tanking Libram, click and its back to my 2H and DPS Libram as I feel the need to quickly.

/equipslot 16 Continuum Blade
/equipslot 17 Sunward Crest
/equipslot 18 Libram of Repentance
/equipslot 16 Hammer of Righteous Might
/equipslot 18 Libram of Divine Purpose

You can always easily customize it to your own needs that works for you and whatever you use.

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