Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Forks in the Road

I haven't had much time to update things lately, yet things have changed a bit since as well. After a month with my little guild being a GM I've come to the conclusion that at this point in time being a GM is not the ideal thing for me or to be doing. Its sapping my energy and killing all my time and more a headache than anything else dealing with some people. So I just decided after a while to make the guild a private guild and just turn it into a another Alt Bank for the foreseeable future. But was interesting experience and allowed me to see quite a few things that I quite haven't noticed before with players and new players. But at least I still have the guild if I ever need to reconsider being a GM and hopefully never.

The Folk
A few reasons was that growing a guild is just way too much work and way time consuming to say the least. I'm already strapped for time. I rather blog than run a guild I've found and I'm barely even having time to blog as it is it seems. I find lots of new people and new players too difficult to deal with always wanting you to do things for them, run them through some dungeon, help me help me doing quests that you can easily solo if your competent and if you don't help they quit or quit when your not around or just go guild hopping. I don't mind helping people on a quest but doing it constantly I'm not for welfare either and it can get very annoying especially when time is valuable. I can make a good GM, but I don't have time for it.

I find all that is too time consuming and a bit of a headache for me and don't allow me to get much done myself or keeping up with blogging or try to level my Alt in a peaceful mind having fun. I don't find it really it fun either. So after some thinking I just let everyone know that was there and decided to just make it a one man private guild for Alt Banking. After all I bought all the Bank Tabs for the guild myself and nothing much was there other than what I placed there in it.

I decided to rejoin my old guild "Alamat" a few days ago since I have a bit of friends there and being able to help them out as a guild to progress raiding. I really don't have a burning raiding goad at the moment so really didn't care much to join a T5+ guild in progression for all the various reasons including for phat loot. I like to choose my own destiny. However Alamat is a Casual Guild which is ok that's trying to make progress doing ZA and having another good geared paladin can only help. So talked to the GM and got a welcomed Invite and everyone was glad to see me back to say the least. I guess I was missed much.

The GM is a Warlock and a friend from way back gearing up days who also plays a Protection Paladin as well so two very good geared Protection Paladin in the Guild though he usually plays his uber Warlock most the time and who's the guild highest DPSer clocking over 1200 dps from my Recount logs. For now I really don't have much responsibility in the guild other than being a Vet and a Tank. Which allows me to just relax and do whatever and level my Alts and keep my goals in focus which has helped much getting my Hunter to 60 who also is in the guild as well.

Badges, Gear & Upgrades
I've filled in on Kara once for 2 Bosses, but other than that I'm somewhat back to running more Heroics when not leveling my Alt Hunter who is now lvl 60. I've replaced a few pieces of gear with badges since last update some time ago. Ive picked up the Ring of the Stalwart Protector to replace a blue which I still keep. Yesterday spend another 60 Badges and picked up the Sabatons of the Righteous Defender which replaces one of 3 Epic Boots that I tend to swap back and forth to in bag as needed depending on Kara or Heroics usually Boots of Elusion or Boot of the Righteous Path. So got enough shoes for now as well which makes 5 pairs of Boots for tanking including one pair I use for healing when needed which is Boots of Valiance from Kara. WTB more bag space a 30 slot bag to tote around all this gear when I have to carry it.

At one point as improved my gear with Badges I kept loosing lots of Defense. Since Exalted with SSO I have all the Alchemist recipes and did craft the Guardian Alchemist Stone which took a few days to craft. I had to make a Alchemist Stone first which I never bothered crafting before for no good reason though I always had the recipe. Then doing some transmutes for Primal Might and then taking some Primals from my alt bank I had sitting around to make the Guardian Trinket. Only thing I bought was 2 Primal Nethers for 600g from a member of one the T5+ guilds. Primal Air on AH which didn't have much a Bank supply of and just couldn't be bothered to go farm a few of those so bought a few from AH at 30g a pop. Primals are sky high on my server these days. Everything else had sitting in my bank for supplies.

So that brought my Defense rating back up quite a bit which sits around 494 but can always swap back in Blue Strength of the Untamed which gets it up to 503 Defense vs the SSO Epic neck piece Pendant of Resolve at a few health and expertise for more defense if I really had to for some reason. Have everything else SSO so that's both Shields as usual so no biggie there for Rep Vendor gear. That makes 4 Shields I have in Bag at all times to swap as needed. Need more bag space!

All my gear is fully enchanted and gemed as usual even if its swap in and out gear. That's just the way I roll, everything helps and makes a difference. So as far as my gear sets that leaves me with only 2 pieces of Blue gear. Both my forever tanking Continuum Blade and Crystalforged Sword which I need to really hit up MgT to try and replace with the Cudgel or Consecration and my forever T3 shoulders. All in all I now sit at 16.3K Armor, 345 Spell Damage, 15.2K Health depending and 338 Block Value depending on which combination of gear I'm wearing which I carry at all times. Usually that's swapping in my Belt of the Guardian for more Block Value for tanking which I had crafted some weeks ago for 1100g + mats.

Personal Banking & Investments
Spending all that money you thing I be broke right.... well far from it. And I'm a Tank that is, so I'm suppose to slow at killing stuff I guess. I now have 2 Alts who own 2 completely different Guild Banks and between both Alts I have 10 guild Banks slots for personal Banking at a cost of about 10k gold. Yes..... that's for just banking and Investment, lol. The sad thing is more than half the bank tabs are all full and I really don't have the time to sell things I need to sell on AH. It can also take quite a bit of time to manage all that bank stuff so I have 2 Alts as prime bank managers. So far they haven't been fired yet from their job in banking, investments and day trading. They make me a bit of money.

If I was to do a complete liquidation of my Banking assets I'm sure I could get another 6K gold or so. Yet I have more than that in on hand cash. Now I only have 1 lvl 70 that is a Tanking class. I could never wonder how some people say they are broke at 70. I just go out and kill stuff, farm stuff, use my profession whenever I feel like selling, do one daily and that's for fishing only and that's all I do. So I really don't have much sympathy when people say they can't earn money or just don't want to go out and do so which aren't hard to do. They all kind of ways to make money. Check out this guide if you want to learn some ways to be extremely profitable, which is really worth reading.


Edge said...

Out of curiousity, why not just grab the gladiator's gavel?

Galoheart said...

I don't PvP and really don't care much for PvPing.

Val said...

Yep, I tried that Guildmaster route before Burning Crusade and knew I didn't want to do that again.

My recent departure from the raiding guild I was in had to do with me being put into a position of authority again. When I'm in that position I want to do a great job, but then I lose focus on why I'm there, and ... it's so much nicer to be a member.

I ponder joining another raiding guild but am really trying to hold back for now and get some other toons to 70. Maybe next expansion I'll play Priest instead of Mage as my main toon, for the fun of changing stuff up :)

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