Monday, June 30, 2008

Blizzard Authenticator

You've probably read about these by now, Blizzard Authenticator. If you haven't you probably been under a rock for the last few days to a week or so. So I'm not going to go into it explaining them. You can read them on other blogs listed below. However I've already ordered 2 already for each my Desktop and Laptop Macs for a added sense of security and to protect my gaming investment. We have never endorsed or ever supported Gold Sellers or Gold Selling Ads in any way possible (Site Ad Free) and an glad Blizzard had finally done something about it at this time. What the future hold we will know in time as it sucks when people get Hacked or loose their accounts. But what you eventually choose to do is all up to you. You no longer have a excuse to protect your account.

More Info Here:
Blessing of Kings

And while your at it if you order one, choose to OPT IN to Blizzard Beta testing so that you at least stand a chance of getting onto WotLK Beta whenever it happens. At least you get a chance to vs none at all.


Honors Code said...

How does one opt in to the Beta test?

Gwaendar said...

Honor, that's an option to pick when you register for the Blizzard store

Galo, 2 authenticators is one too many. You're protecting your account, not your playing computers.

In other words, you can use one authenticator to protect several wow accounts, plus your starcraft 2 key for (and other similar stuff). But once one account is tied to an authenticator, you cannot tie it to a second one.

One Authenticator to many accounts, not many authenticators to one account.

Galoheart said...

When you register at the Blizzard Store at Its seperate from Worldofwarcrart account it seems.

I checked the Worldofwarcraft account and their is not a option there or as yet, just at the Blizzard store/account there to "Opt IN" so go there.

Galoheart said...

Actually I have 2 WoW accounts. I have a different account on my Laptop seperate from my Main that holds my Banking Assest. I usually never use that Laptop to access anything WoW related in any way, just WoW only. So i need one for that too, when I have both accounts logged on.

Cal said...

You only need one authenticator. You can associate as many accounts as you want to a single key.

HolyWarrior said...

Yep Galo. You can tie 1 authenicator to many accounts and access those accounts from any number of machines.

I play 2 accounts over 5 possible machines and I will be buying 1 authenticator to cover the lot.

My advice? E-bay the second one, apparently they sold out in EU and US!