Monday, June 9, 2008

Crossing Over

I don't really ever ever talk or blog about any my Alts much or profile them in any way, for a while never had much Alts either. But I guess we all have them some people more than others that's another part of our player personality and for good times and fun. My alter ego little BM Hunter duo (Krovon & Razortusk) in training made it to lvl 58 after clearing out every quest in the Felwoods and Winterspring and skinning every piece of hide in sight. At 0245 he officially crossed over to Outland at the Dark Portal in the Blasted Lands. Was up late!

So yeah I guess I've been a little busy, but with good purpose. I've played my Paladin for over a year solid and its my only lvl 70. So I've been working on my goal that I set at beginning of year to get another class or Alt to 70. So goal has been Hunters Marked and within sight of the Goal.

I take pleasure in really giving my Alts meaningful names. I grew up reading comic books and had more Spiderman comics than I can count. Always liked Spiderman's nemesis Kraven the Hunter so in thinking of a name and not quite the same either I named him Krovon. I've had Krovon for almost a year when I first transfered from Rexxar server to Zangarmarsh I created him after. Created him as a Alt to play around with and relax for fun and good times away from the stress of tanking on Galo. However never played Krovon the Hunter much, a little here and there whenever I felt like doing something else different than playing Galo. I kept him around in hopes someday maybe I'll get the urge to level him. His first pet at lvl 11 was a Ravager those awesome looking evil pets from Azuremyst Isle. I still have that pet he's 35 and in stables. But will tame another Ravager at 60+ for a DPS pet. I find it easier to just level with his good tanking pet Razortusk.

So after clearing out most of all the Feralas quests and all of Felwoods and Winterspring zone quests hunting and skinning wild animals It was time to head to Outland. I was out of quests anyway. Always liked all those zones. Skinned so much wild animals I had a bank full of all kinds of Leather so Hunter boy made him plenty good money as well on the AH. He's pretty much self sufficient. Entering Outland he has Mining at 300, Skinning at 363, Cooking at 300, First Aid at 290 (Never seem to use much), Fishing at 201. He pretty much just about always only use a Bow just kinda likes Bows I guess, silent kills.

So far he's making a good Alt. Leveling a Hunter is a lot easier than leveling a Protection Paladin for sure and by far. However really don't have much plans on gearing him up at 70 when he gets there. I'm in a mode of preparing before WotLK to get things done so for now the goal is just to get him to 70 as marked. Next time I post about him he will be at 70. As for Galo, I still play him daily, just running 1 Heroic a day or most days if I feel like it for 5 badges. So currently at 53 Badges so soon should be able to pickup next in my set Sabatons of the Righteous Defender in a day or so.


julored said...

Hi Galo!

Sorry for leaving this as a comment, but I didn't see any other way to contact you other than in game.

I was referred to you by Horns of Yet Another Warlock Nerf. I have read through your blog and you are a great resource for Paladins. I'm putting together a new website to help the wow community and I was wondering if you could put together a class guide or spec guide for paladins. I have a couple templates that I'd like the guides to fit, and if you are interested, I'll send them to you. I will give you attribution and I can also compensate you for using the guides. One major concern some writers have is that this was going to be a pay site or have gold seller/power leveling ads and I can assure you that neither of those things will have any involvement on the site. I am just trying to get the site up quickly with great guides from knowledgeable writers. Please email me at if you have any questions at all, as I am happy to give you more information.


Brandon S

BigFire said...

Congrat on your alt reaching outland.

Like you, I have only 1 character I've ever bother leveling beyond level 35, not that I'm an alt-a-holic. My Paladin leveled Ret to 60, raided Holy for 1.5 years, and for the past 7 months, raided Protection. However, as weird as it sound, we have too many tanks in our guild (3 warriors and 2 paladins, all with good attendance). So I spend a lot of time sitting out for other tanks.

Last weekend, I got serious about leveling my alt mage, and got her from level 32 to 46 as of last night. I fully expect her to hit outland in 2 weeks.