Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cruising Along.

Haven't put much up on the blog lately though I'm full aware of it. I'm in the Office just more less on the BattleField chipping away at leveling up my Hunter to 70 which would be my 2nd 70 for over 18 months of playing WoW as a Full Time Tankadin. I'm sure you probably a few 70's and know how that is. So if not much is up I'm just busy leveling a Alt. Anyway my Hunter Krovon & 2 pets (Razorclaw - Owl, Razortusk - Boar) is lvl 62 almost 63 at the moment and playing around in Terokkar Forest. At 63 I'll be off to Nargand as I love the zone there.

It can get a bit difficult playing a Tank and one that many knows well on a realm whenever you log on people /w you here and there wanting you to do a Instance or such or even if you are in a guild. You don't always seem to get a break at being left alone in someone not in some way asking if you want to Tank something. So at this point since I'm pretty much working on leveling my Hunter Alt to 70 and either my lvl 20 Shaman or Druid next. Tanking allot less so I can have some peace a bit in just focusing on leveling a Alt as time seems short before the next expansion.

This Friday our guild will be setting up to do a 25 man which will be HKM & Gruul. I've read the Strat and familiar with it so will see how it goes of Friday/Saturday.

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