Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Getting My Mojo Back...

I haven't as yet decided to go raiding so just doing whatever and slowly working on my gear to make it better. As well just working on my Reps with Sons of Hodir mostly so just about Revered just doing the daily quests and making the rounds in the caves killing the Vrykuls/Exhausted Vrykuls in the quest area in the cave their in Storm Peaks for the Relics for Reps.

Weapon Skilling
I decided to just go work on my other weapon skills to level them all up just because I've always done it and usually just like to maintain my weapon skills all leveled up so did that and in the process earned the Achievement for having 4 weapons skills at 400. Maybe Blizz should also give one for having all 7 weapon skills maxed out maybe. But I just went ahead and leveled up all my 2H weapon skills as well even though of course a Protect Paladin only mainly use a 1H weapon. But who knows if your duel spec as a Ret Paladin wouldn't a 2H weapon skill come in handy for using a 2H weapon as a reason to level the skills?

I found it easily to just go down to the Crystalsong Forest and pull a few small tree druid looking elementals that walk around. Remove Ret Aura to not dmg the mobs and just level up on the elementals usually have 2 at a time for the most part just using SoL/JoL. They don't hit for much and they self heal as well. When one elemental gets low on HP I just tab switch to the other which allows you to whack away for quite a while or take a kitchen break for a few mins and come back with higher weapon skills. I once remembered that having a high Intellect makes learning weapon skills faster and not sure if Blizz had changed in some patch I'm not aware of. So I just buffed my Intellect during the process with 2 elixirs in case it still made a difference time wise.

Usually for Heroics so far I just join random Pugs for Instance groups and Heroics. Its what I've always been used to and despite all the headaches most people have in Pugs I'm fine with it. I just tend to exercise more patience than most people will. I also Pug because its how I keep my friends list outside of my guild long with other good players (mostly healers) not in my guild and with other players that are on my gear level gearing up as well. If you can find a a few good healers that like to run Instances at your gear level your close to being set for LFG in a Pug.

Anyway ran H.HoL for the second time Puging it with a melee/leather group and a young druid healer. The run went pretty much smooth. On Loken this time vs my first time here I had a AoE healer and it was much easier than the first time. The group just dps him fast and we got the Achievement for the fast kill of Loken which was cool. Average dps was over 1400 at least from looking at Recount. Compared to my first Heroic run of HoL which was more fun with my raiding guildies as most were guild friends I've known a while even though they were on their alt characters and had a few problems with Loken at the end. Their dps play was just different and felt more target focused tanking the run. So far Loken hasn't dropped the Trinket I've been looking to pick up there as yet.

While I was just out killing time leveling up my weapon skills found a group needed a tank for Heroic UK so ran off and did that for the first time and didn't notice anything that much different on Heroics vs regular except stuff hit harder of course. But the run went fairly fast and smooth so was fun as well. Heroic UK was fairly easy in my book for a few badges.

Found another Pug group and got to do Heroic DTK for a first and went fairly smooth as well. Most the bosses seem to just work pretty much the same on regular. As well some the trash at the first part of the instance did some void area spawn on ground have to get out of and the Aboms spewing their goo stuff before the first boss so just have to keep them facing their back to group. Other than that it was a fun run. We killed the bone boss at the end and for some reason even though most the group hadn't done it before we never got an achievement for the run at all which seemed bugged. I call that instance fun as well and not too hard either.

Horde had the control of Wintergasp so a guildie asked me to OT the run for with the group made up mostly of guildies for the Vault of Archavon. I've never really been to Wintergasp so never seen the instance either. I got their right as the run was about to start to the big boss at the end. I had no real explanation of the boss so I couldn't say I understand any of it as far as boss mechanics. I just remember once during the boss I had taunted and I went flying across the room and wasn't sure why. But after the guildie explained it a bit. So was a bit more clear on it. However usually I do my own research on something so that I'm usually real clear on something. At least got 2 badges for the fun.

Got into another Pug group yesterday for Heroic UP which having being to UP seems like would be a bit of fun. None had done Heroic UP before in the group. We cleared first 2 bosses no problem. On the gauntlet the group couldn't seem to get Skadis down and wiped due not enough harpoons. We wiped again on group getting caught in Skadis drake Icy breath. We tried one more time with group and couldn't complete the event and rest of the group just quit for any of 999 different reasons you all heard before. I called it a day at that point, headed back to Dalaran and added up my repair bills for community service and a bit of badges.

As well l haven't though about what to first buy with those Emblem of Heroism as yet either.


Argent said...

I'm sure you're aware, but Loken only drops the Seal of the Pantheon (defense rating trinket) on NORMAL mode, not on heroic.

Galoheart said...

Thanks for pointing that out on the Trinket.

HP said...

There is also a really nice trinket from the 2nd boss of Heroic AN, ridiculous amounts of stam and a very nice passive proc.