Friday, March 27, 2009

Some Heroic Love

Just being running a few Heroics. For me its usually fun despite the occasional headaches in Pugs but for the most part its all fun even on a bad day because you learn something new no matter what. But I've managed to improve my gear steadily just doing whats I'm my control to do. Steady constant gear improvement works for me as well as preperation and so I do reflect on this recent post over at Blessing of King about being just Good Enough.

So I've gotten a little bit of love when it come to boss drops on my runs as well as collecting some Emblems of Heroism all on Heroics. No its not Naxx. Its all just Heroics. I went ahead with the Emblems I collected recently and spent them picking up the Chained Military Gorget at the vendor. It replaced my Burning Skull Pendant which I still keep in my bag and I still wear as needed along with other gear pieces.

I also was able to pick up the Keystone Great Ring on my 3rd Heroic run of Drak'Tharon Keep from the last boss. I was so surprise that it even dropped when it did because I even forgot the boss dropped it. But I'm glad he dropped it so I could stop beating on him to drop it. I love running Heroic Drak'Tharon Keep that Instance is fun to me at least and its a fairly easy instance once you understand the place. Even the last boss remains my favorite for fun.

On my 2nd run of Heroic Violet Hold more like my 2nd time there in VH as well Boss Cyanigosa was so kind that it dropped me the Bolstered Legplates. Nice! I was just all too happy. So this will replace my Special Issue Legplates from the Argent Crusade Honored.

I was able to pick up Knight of the Risen King to replace my waist belt some few days ago. Can't remember what I was wearing before. But funny as it is I see that belt drop on every single one of my run of Drak'Tharon Keep from the trash mobs. I think it drops on Regular and Heroics.

So my gear has gotten much better with a bit of effort and work up to 26.2HP just doing the Pug circuit and without ever being to Naxx as yet. I got all kinds of extra blue block gear I've picked up I can't even remember. But in the last 2-3 days I think I've collected 54 Emblems of Heroism all from Heroics. I'm just wondering what I should spend it on and buy next for a good gear piece. My new friends list is getting quite long as well with new faces. It helps to Pug to add new friends mostly healers and solid dpsers. It helps to venture out your comfort zone called a guild, for me that's nothing new.

With all those Heroic runs, 16k more reps and I'll be Exalted with the Kirin Tor faction as well.

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