Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nothing New

Was on the road a bit for a while so was out of state out west for a while visiting some friends. So haven't done all that much for WoW in a week or so. For the most part when I can I just usually spend some time over on the Maintankadin Forum reading the forums catching up on stuff  I'm just not as up to speed on for the most part as well as reading a few community blogs. So nothing really new here. 

In other news my Alchemy is now 450 by way of transmuting diamonds till they were green and then making just a few flasks to finish things. So I guess I've now maxed out all my professions: Alchemy, Mining, First Aid, Fishing, Cooking. I'm happy with that. 


RJ said...

nice blog :D

by the way, I linked your blog to mine

For the Light!

Galoheart said...

Thanks, will check it out.