Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sometimes You Get Called - My First WotLK Raid, 25 Man Heroic Naxx

I wasn't expecting to be raiding as yet let alone tonight. Was just expecting to just work on some other seemingly boring thing. But my Guild GM Warrior friend gave me a friendly invite and nudged me to tag along anyway with the guild for the Heroic 25 Man raid of Naxxramas. MY UI wasn't really set up for Raiding either. But I guess you have to start raiding somewhere don't we all despite all things.

I have no clue as to how any boss or anything is in Naxx so it was all just seeing it for the first time. We had fun and I did as well. With 4 Tanks, 3 Paladins and a Warrior and rest of the raid we cleared all the Arachnid and the Plague Quarter bosses. I tanked Patchwrek almost to the very end when he went into a frenzy and all was going fine and just like that out of the blue I was face down with way less than 1% HP and rest of raid got him down a few seconds later. I guess with that I missed getting a Achievement.

I guess even though a bit over half my gear is still Blue its all enchanted and in tip top shape. Every bit of it made a difference tanking the entire boss fight. It was fun!

Being the much lesser geared Tank it didn't start off that I was going to tank Patchwrek. I think I shielded him 3rd but my threat cycle was just fast enough that I somehow outpaced the other 2 much better geared fellow guild P.Paladins and Patchwrek took a liking for me. So I ended up tanking him 99% of the fight.

Instructor Razuvious kicked our raids ass along with his 4 man DK crew. So we headed off to the Construct Quarter for Patchwrek.

This boss was fun whatever his name was. He dropped some nice loot but I really didn't have much to bit on anything. No worries though. Everything in its own time.

Not quite got that dance down yet. I was just moving wherever our Warrior tank moved, which can be a bit hard to anticipate. Maybe I should say I didn't quite understand the fight that's more like it as well. Need to head to the research department.

Was a long fun night. Got some DKP for the boss kills, picked up several Emblems of Valor. Saw some really nice gear drops for Plate. Our only Holy Paladin in the raid made out like a bandit on healing Plate which was all great for him. He's a awesome healer. But in the end I only bid on one item and got that so picked up Fleshless Girdle which dropped from Patchwrek. I really don't have much of any current gear with much blockrating as yet so was nice to pick up a gear piece and at least I now don't have to send 40 Emblems of Heroism on the other one. Kinda nice as well since I got to tank him the entire fight almost which didn't start out that way. I was just the undergeared tank along for Naxx 101 class. Fun night!


The Renaissance Man said...

Congrats on the first steps into Wrath raiding, and welcome to the illustrious ranks of blogging, raiding, tanking paladins.

One thing to keep in mind on Patchwerk is that his regular melee will hit a geared tank for around 12-14k damage. Those attacks go to the top aggro. However, he does a hateful strike on whichever player who's 2nd or 3rd on aggro and in melee range, and has the most health. The hateful strikes will hit a geared tank for between 22-28k.

As such, it's usually customary to have the least geared tank pull top aggro, with the better geared tanks managing their aggro so they can stay below the newer tank on the threat meter.

Galoheart said...

Thanks for the tip and the heads up there as well with the info on Patchwrek.