Monday, March 30, 2009

Saturday Night Heroic 25 Man Naxxaramas

I was really sleepy from Friday night raid of Naxx. For sure I didn't have a 1 hour of sleep between the time Fridays raid and Saturday night raid. I was really sleepy and tired form Fridays raid and having to work all day without much sleep. So when I logged in after working all day Saturday the guild was headed back to Heroic 25 man Naxx to finish where we left off. So I got a invite along again and just helped out however I could but just learning really.

We finished the night at Thaddius the last boss in the construct quarter doing the polarity dance and not being able to get him down before he enraged. We only had 23 people in the raid for the night as well so we were also under dps for what seem like a dps race to me as well on Thaddius.

Anyway we started the night in the Military wing and cleaning it all up and got right back to Instructor Razuvious. We got him down on what seemed like the second attempt in a fun fight and I can say i just about got the hang of it. He dropped some nice gear and i guess it was just as humerous watching the raid members 1 up on DKP bidding on gear and outbidding each other. I found some humor in that. I couldn't bet on much anyway since my DKP is really low compared to many in the raid. So we were off after that and completed the rest of the Military wing.

We got to the 4 Horsemen and after a few tries and misstep during the switches we got them down. I have to say I enjoyed this fight as well. Was a blast. We did the tank the boss in the 4 corner strat it seem and sometime on switch it seem the switch didn't quite go off as well. I was just basically learning it as it was happening. We wiped a few times but in the end we tried a different strategy that worked the first time.

I was in the group for Thane Korth'azz and the strat was to have more dps stack this group and have just the tank a healer and a dps in the opposite group. We did that and on pull we killed the Thane before he even made the attempt to switch corners. That made getting down the other horsemen easier in the opposite corner from our group and thus easier to get the other 2 horseman down as well. In the process of getting down the last horsemen I ended up drawing aggro and tanking the last horsemen to the end. That was really cool as well great job by the raid as well with that strat.

We headed off to the rest of the Construct wing and oneshot Bosses Grobbulus and Gluth which was just as fun especially the Grobbulus fight. But in the end night ended at Thaddius with several attempts with a less than full raid. I was so tired I was barely awake. To be honest I was really tired as well tonight and somewhat relieved we didn't have a raid. I went took a nap and then I later spend most the time in Dalaran trying to find a JC to cut me a Champion Monarch Topaz gem for my new Pants so I could equip them and maintain my Meta gem bonus from my Helm by geming the pants.

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