Monday, March 9, 2009

Late Too The Party, lvl 80.

Late to the party but eventually you get there for the second time at that with a little play time playing entirely the same spec you always played of course. Better late than never, but its good to get there eventually little by little. I dinged 80 tanking a puging a Utgarde Pinnacle run and was so busy barely say the ding and forgot to take a screen shot of the achievement flash across the screen. Oh well, 80!

That's my stats when I hit lvl 80 with some crafted gear I had a guildie craft along the way that was sitting in the bank. I read my own old blog posts after all. But getting to 540 Defense was very easy, I was there the moment I got there.

Equipped some new gear at 80 as well so only wearing one piece of green gear in a Trinket slot. All my gear is enchanted so that was no problem getting that done with my mats. All the Glyph slots are filled so looking good. I noticed in the AH on my server there is never any: Glyph of Seal of Vengeance, you know those things can sell as a Inscriptor. I had to buy a 5 pack of Ink of the Sea for 8g from AH to have someone make the Glyph. I looked for it for days and never saw any.

I just enjoyed puging along the way when needed, farming for fun whatever was needed for mats. Doing whatever I needed relaxing along the way. As for now. I'll still quest for fun as I do need to build back up my financial warchest and make a bit more money somehow. For the most part I just enjoy fishing at the fishing hole.

I haven't though much as yet of going out my way to do any real achievements. But if I could get a achievement that's worthwhile to me in how I play this game its 0-80 entirely (100%) as a Protection Paladin. I saw a recent WoWinsider blog post that ask what if you can have a title any title that says something about you, Pick a Title, any Title. Well for me its a none other than for all that's obvious: "The Ardent Defender" What else would you expect me to call it :)

As for now not in any hurry to be a Raider and doing any great deal of raiding. I hate burnout, been there too many times in the course of this blog.


Darraxus said...

Grats on 80. When you do decide to raid, it is all to easy to pug it.

Steven said...

Grats sir!

I also would enjoy that title, as my Pally (Tolecnal) has gone 1-74 (eventually 80) as prot. Even back in Vanilla when all prot had going for it was being a BoK vendor :)

Skarlarth and Company

Anonymous said...

Grats on 80, Galo. Good too see that you're back and enjoying yourself. :)