Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Argent Tournament & Achievement System

Yeah its Saturday, for me it is on my work schedule still midweek for you maybe. Sorry I haven't been in the Office inking out blog posts. Really being a little tired from late night raids and early morning wake up for my commute and work. Just don't always work well for energy. Anyway I've finally decided to answer that mail call for the Argent Tournament and headed up to Nothern Icecrown and have been a bit pre-occupied doing the Argent Tournament quests whenever I can. 

So far I'm really having fun enjoying doing tournament quests when I can in the few days I've started doing the quests. I've only made it to the Argent Valor level so far. Late start, but at least it progress. I'll probably try to complete whatever dailies I can for the Tournament whenever I can. They are really fun.

I found this link on my Blue Tracker I saw yesterday and helpful as well for the Argent Tournament on the WoW Forums linked here

Another blog I read Zanderfin's WoW Casual Raiding, Leiandra has some helpful strategy as well which can also be helpful doing the Argent Tournament and a good read of tips.

Achievements & Achievement System.
I've thought about Achievements for some time and about eventually making a blog post about it with my own perspective. I know many people have for a while now. And I've thought about it for myself for some time as well and most importantly in just how I play WoW on my own time. 

I think Achievements are fun and fun for the masses in WoW to do and gives something else to do to either add to your character or occupy your time to do so you don't feel bored. For me I've never being bored in playing the game or how I choose to even playing one character mostly. I've always had and set personal goals to chase after or spend time doing for me because its important to me in how I spend my time doing whatever I like or enjoy doing with my time. 

For the most part and for some time I've personally decided to just buck the trend of Achievements and the whole pursuit of it or the running around doing stuff that I really don't care about in one way or the other and just be if you can call it a Under Achiever. If your looking at points gained then I'll be that and be quite content with that as well. 

For the most part I really don't look or pay that much attention to any of my Achievements when they do happen to achieve them. Some achievements do mean much to me for my own reasons. Like being high level skilled in every weapon and having over 4 weapons skilled over 400. It means much to me because I've always done that even before it was a achievement back in BC. No one said you had to level all your weapons skill, why do it. Because I wanted to and I can use any weapon with skill if I ever changed. Quite often its a surprise to me when Achievements happens and I prefer it that way when it happens. But I do notice some Achievements if they flash by to fast doing something else. I take the position that If I accomplish something or meet the requirement of it and it happens by surprise then I quite fine with the Achievement when it happen. 

I'm never really going to go out my way to do an Achievement especially if I don't really care one way or the other about doing it or even if I do care as well. Nor spending extra game time doing something I don't care that much to do even if its damn easy to do. I still don't care that much to go out my way to do so. Even if Its something I may care about and even yet I still might not do it either. For example I've always had max skills in every profession I've had while leveling and at cap. I really love fishing in game and do it all the time for my own personal reasons. But do I really care to chase after running around fishing in every fishing pool in Northrend just to get an achievement just to say I fish. No I really don't. But then I've also fished in just about every region of Azeroth as well leveling up fishing because I actually love doing so during BC. I've fished in every area just because I fish allot and caught thousands of fish in the process. But its easy to do and wont take long to go out to do..... I don't really care! If it happens in process of doing something it happens! Do I really need to make X number of food to get a Achievement for it or eat a cake? No! Though I have many or most of the recipes I really don't care to do so either. 

I'm usually always busy doing something in game or grinding it for my own reasons and I'm never bored either. Achievements are great and nice to pursue if you have time and care about them. So for me personally I really don't care that much to spend any more precious time to go do something I really don't care that much about doing or accomplishing just for accomplishing sake. If an Achievement happen in the process of doing something them that's all fine to me being surprised when it happen. I spend my time as I choose doing whatever I choose to or not choose to do. But if you like chasing Achievements for whatever your reasons they its all good keep chasing it. For me I've decided to be a Under Achiever and if and when a Achievement does happen by surprise in doing something I'll be quite content with it

Noblegarden and Me!
This fits right in with how I feel about going out my way to do stuff for Achievements. Festivals are nice in Azeroth I do enjoy them at times especially for unique items and stuff. It gives many players something different to do and a break from doing other things they feel bored at doing. Festival events are and can be fun to do and thats cool as well and adds other things to the game for fun and everything else.

As for Noblegarden and me. I quite frankly don't care much for it! And I'm not going to be spending any time doing a single thing for the event. Don't care how easy it may be either. Thats just me. I'll be busy doing whatever I feel is important to me to do in game during the time. But If you like Noblegarden and its your thing thats all fine too. Go to it and happy hunting pink ears, costume and all in good fun.

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Barrista said...

I'm enjoying the argent tournament as well and have gotten about as far. I guess I'm not one to try and rush through content. I just like to take my time and enjoy.

Noblegarden? Ick. I tried the first morning and got annoyed. Everyone was egg camping and so to get an egg you had to find a spot and camp as well. Boring! I'd rather hunt rep and money.