Monday, July 27, 2009

Buffed Seal of the Pure changes in 3.2

Haven't had much time to really make a post about the somewhat undocumented changes to Seal of the Pure which will be affecting Paladin tanking seal of Seal of Corruption/ Seal of Vengeance. Since the tanking seals is getting a bit of makeover and buff in 3.2 for added weapons damage on a full stack of corruption/vengeance dot the recent new changes as well to the talent of Seal of the Pure will as a result be affecting the added damage as well. Which as a result will probably shift the way allot of Tankadins spec for their talents as well for more threat or dps with points back in Seal of the Pure. Thus this will affecting how much points you can put in Ret as a result.

Honor's Code has a good write up already about it already and other changes with Vindication and Ardent Defender. Its worth your time to hop over to his awesome blog and read his piece on it if you haven't already being familiar with the changes or discussions over on the Maintankadin forum boards about it as well.

I'm a bit busy leveling my Shaman. I'm half way to lvl 68. So not as much time spent writing stuff.

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