Monday, July 13, 2009

Slow Weekend!

It was a slow weekend all things WoW related, I didn't get to really play much any WoW over the weekend. Some of us have Jobs that make you work all weekend, long hours at nights and don't leave much time to do anything else with little free time. So slow WoW weekend.

On Friday I did get my Shaman Voodooweaver to lvl 50. And he keeps getting more fun to play as well. So yeah Shamans are Fun! But he's been sitting in a Inn since then all weekend gathering rest XP bonus for leveling. I may take him on a killing spree later for a level or so. Playing the Shaman is fun, leveling still sucks to say the least.

My Paladin is in a holding pattern doing absolutely nothing. He's not in any endgame guild for him to be doing things as such obviously. Anyway my work schedule continue to be too irregular for WoW that I can't raid with any regularity weekly. So until 3.2 really he's on ice. I'll just be leveling my Shaman in the mean time. At least I can say I'm having fun and that remain a good thing to me at least.

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Steven said...

Good to hear you are following rule #1, have fun.

My main (MM Hunter) isi n the same case, Guild is progressing through Ulduar, but with 3 kids and 48+ hour weeks just can't get on in time to raid with the guild. I don't care to PuG, so he is just gathering Argent Tokens and I am working on my alts.

I now I have 3 80's and working on my pally as he needs to get the crusadre title in order toget the mount in 3.2 (something I said I would previously NOT do :P)

But I am really enjoying healing and/or DPS 5 mans on my Shammy, and really had forgotten how much fun leveling as a prot pally is playing so much time on Skar.

I always enjoy your spots, keep up the great work, and keep on having FUN!

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