Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Latest Paladin PTR 3.2 Changes.

These the latest Paladin class changes for PTR build 10072 via MMO Champion.

Official Blue Patch Note Update: Paladin

  • Ardent Defender: Redesigned. Any damage that takes the paladin below 35% health is reduced. This reduction applies only to the portion that pushes the paladin below 35% health (example: a paladin at 50% health takes a 40% hit; the first 15% hits as normal while the next 25% is reduced). In addition, once every 2 minutes an attack that would have killed the paladin will fail to kill, and instead heal the paladin for up to 10/20/30% of maximum health depending on the paladin's defense rating (example: a paladin with defense equal to only 5 times his or her level will receive no healing from the talent, while a paladin who is immune to critical strikes from boss creatures through defense will receive the maximum amount).
  • Guarded by the Light: This talent will no longer cause Divine Plea's duration to be refreshed by using Judgement of Wisdom, Judgement of Justice, or Judgement of Light.

  • Art of War: Now only applies to melee critical hits, but will make your next Flash of Light or Exorcism instant. In addition, this talent now provides notification in the floating combat text when it activates.

Paladin Glyphs
  • Glyph of Righteous Defense: Now also increases the chance for Hand of Reckoning to hit.

Note spell/talent changes from the last PTR 3.2 Build.

  • Ardent Defender now heal you up by 30% of your maximum health and the amount healed is based on defense.

Paladin Glyphs
  • Glyph of Righteous Defense - Increases the chance for your Righteous Defense and Hand of Reckoning abilities to work successfully by 8% on each target.
  • Glyph of Seal of Command - You gain 8% of your base mana each time you use a Judgement with Seal of Command active.

The Ardent Defender changes seemed a bit wired at first glance from the last PTR build. However requiring the defense rating change this seemed to be somehow related to PvP and gimped Protection Paladin healers with mix gear in PvP benefiting from Ardent Defender and being super hard to kill as healers.. This really has no real effect on PvE Protection Paladin because your already in full tanking gear and should be already critt immune for defense rating and a none issue. If you have 540 Defense Rating and 3/3 AD you should get the full heal from Ardent Defender on proc to 30% as is the talent the way I understand it. Yet always sucks PvP always affecting PvE.

As for the Guarded by Light change which seems to be a bug fix, and wasn't aware that Judgements was refreshing Divine Plea duration. Since I know I usually had Divine Plea up on melee hitting mob never quite noticed that Judgements was refreshing the spell duration as well. Never noticed this.

Righteous Defense Glyph gets a bit more valuable if your gear is low on Hit Rating and need to quit missing on taunts especially with the proposed changes to Hand of Reckoning as well doing more holy damage on successful taunts.

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Aureilie said...

I don't mind the PVP oriented change to Ardent Defender, as when I PVP as Protection, I'm in full PVE gear anyway. Frankly, if it doesn't change my PVE experience, I don't mind the PVP balancing.

As far as the Righteous Defense glyph goes, this change was long overdue in my opinion. I really could have used it back when I was running Naxx. Four Horsemen anyone? hehe