Thursday, July 2, 2009

Faction Pride, FOR THE HORDE!

Seems quite many people seem to be excited about Blizzard announcement that you can maybe change your faction. Possibly coming soon, whenever that is.

So people seem to be quite excited about switching faction and more unbeliveably changing races. You know that alliance character I've been playing I'm tired of it, I want to become a Tauren. No wait I really want to switch my gnome to a Orc and join the Horde. And when I get sick of those horde people I want to switch back and join the alliance.

I could believe allot of things. How the hell does a person of one race get completely switched into another. How does a Tauren go on a diet and suddenly become a Gnome or vice versa? I could more believe that a person somehow defect from the alliance or horde and somehow switch factions through some quest or something like that. All of a sudden BE's wana be Gnomes and join the alliance. That's nuts! Blizzard seem to be opening a can of worms with these changes and faction balance issues. They should be conquences for committing such treason.

Where is your faction pride! To whom do you pledge your loyalty?

This service will be fun it seem for many to indulge in. I'm as likely to join them evil alliance as I'm likely to walk on the frozen surface of the sun. Buddy it aren't happening! On some thing I aren't wavering even for a game. I love my faction. I'm for the Horde all the way to the core! That pledge is air tight.

I'll knock Galo upside the head with something real blunt and put him in a permanent coma before he ever gets and grand idea of joining the alliance.

That's my faction pride! I'm FOR THE HORDE! Always have and always will be.

Has there ever been any doubt.

Where is your Faction Pride?


Nigel said...

I started off alliance and now am horde. I have a Gnome Warlock I would love to have on the horde side though, and that's what I see myself using this for, presuming the penalty isn't insane. It would mean I play my warlock much more.

How does it work lore wise...that's going to be fun to see. The equivalent character concept seems interesting.

Oh...and for the horde!!!!

Aureilie said...

I started Alliance with friends when I began playing the game. I'm definitely Horde for life though. I mean, I even have a Horde emblem tattoo! hehe.

The Renaissance Man said...

I gotta say, I roll Alliance all the way. I started playing the original Warcraft as a young kid, and played quite a bit of Warcraft II also. That's where my lore background comes from. Anduin Lothar, Uther Lightbringer, Turalyon, Danath Trollbane (before he lost his hair), and countless other heroes who stoutheartedly defended their very world from the alien invaders who came to eradicate their civilization. That's where I came from, and despite the countless retcons, that mindset remains ingrained in me. The Orcs are evil jackasses who only still survive by the good grace of King Menethil, who thought it distasteful to follow through on Turalyon's plan to exterminate every last orc who was left on Azeroth.

Playing an alliance paladin gives me the sensation of following in the footsteps of the characters who, in the original games, were unquestionably the heroes of Azeroth.

That, and every undead warlock I've ever met has been a jerk. I couldn't imagine actually having able to talk at me.

Nomasun said...

I played the original Warcrafts as well, my faves being WC3 and the sequel. In those ones the orcs turn out to be the true heroes.

I was going to play a horde hunter but got bored a little. My only alliance toon was a lvl 5 shaman who I levelled and now play as my main, so it was serendipitous that I play alliance, but prefer the horde

mandm413 said...

First for the alliance!

Not changing no way.

Second totally agree that this is a dangerous plan by blizzard there are so many ways to abuse this. One of the ways I have seen few people mention is the affect on the economy as if I were to do this I would load up on faction specific stuff to make a killing in the other sides ah without having to go through the neutral ah.

Lastly I will say I am looking forward to this from a battlegroud perspective because I think the horde will inherit a lot of alliance immaturity and inability to work together in this change! (evil laugh)

Honors Code said...

My faction loyalty means little in comparision to my friend loyalty. As much as the idea of being a Blood Elf makes me ill (sorry Galo), if they change, I shall go with them.

Ardent Defender said...

@ Aureilie having a Horde Emblem tattoo now thats hardcore Horde faction pride.

@Honors Code know how that can be playing with friends and quite understandable.

If all my "ingame friends" stopped playing Horde and started playing Alliance. You still could not get me to switch any my characters from playing Horde to Alliance.

I'll find me some new friends thats really dedicated to the Horde! Thats just the way I play the game!