Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Coming Soon, Northrend Flying to Get Easier

Its unbelievable the rate at which the game is getting easier by the hands of Blizzard. Flying or not being able to fly till lvl 77 is very much a huge deal in Northrend. Leveling and not being able to fly is a huge deal till lvl 77+. So its about to get easier and possible coming really really soon like in patch 3.2 as a purchasable BOA "Heirloom Item" for Tome of Cold Weather Flying from the trainer. You can then send it to a alt on the same account/realm/faction. You can only purchase it as a lvl 80 like on your main and do so for the Heirloom. Once used by a alt the Heirloom Tome is consumed. This is all subject to change before patch 3.2 goes live. But the idea is sub lvl 77 flying in Northrend is going to get easier.

You may not feel so well if you have all your alts at 80 already and have to slave your way through all of Northrend with no personal wing. If you have a few alts yet to head into Northrend you probably get allot excited as well you can skip lots of it. How one can feel about that goes both ways. Blizzard makes the rules. Your alt journey just got easier to get to 80. I know all my alts are close to or below 70 or Northrend so would greatly benefit from this change.

Is this the summer of Altism?

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What's My Main Again? said...

You know I can't tell you how many 80's I've seen that don't have cold weather flying or a flying mount... neither are required to get to level 80. So I wouldn't say that being able to fly makes leveling an alt SO much easier.

Sure you can say that you can just fly in and kill what you need and fly out... but I do that anyway on a ground mount. I rarely ever if at all fight my way to the quest mob... I run close to it then run around in circles to shake off those following me and kill what I need then leave.

Heck on some of my characters I welcomed the train of mobs that chased me because then I would just AOE them all down.

Like it says though this only applies to people who have atleast one 80 allready and just smoothes out the rest of the mount changes.