Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blizzard New IPhone Mobile Armory App

Blizzard just released a Mobile Armory application for the IPhone. I just got it downloaded to my trinketty Epic IPhone and its really slick! Its really cool since I have my IPhone everywhere I go. And the number one thing I do on it is just about WoW related like reading tons of blogs, WoW Armory info search and all that. So cool to have something else nice to mess around with and make me less productive when at work.

So nice of Blizzard to finally come out with a "free" very polished version of the WoW Armory for the IPhone. I've took the app for a spin and so far I really like it. You can search just about everything and has just about everything the desktop Armory has including all character info, item search, talent calculator, calender, news etc. Hell its even faster it seems than using the desktop Armory. That's even a plus. You get to log in on the app and you can see all the characters on your account and check out all their info all in one place and with nice functionality on a app like you expect from Blizzard.

I'll probably say my IPhone I've had for a long time i really don't even use as a phone. For me its just a Epic WoW Trinket gadget. Because 99% of what I use is for is WoW stuff from mobile blogging here, blog commenting, reading around the blogosphere, WoW info search, Blizzard news etc, apps etc. I use it for Twitter too but don't really twit all that much since I'm usually busy reading something like a updated blog or something.

So if you got a IPhone you really want to go and loot the free download of the new WoW Mobile Armory app.

Its slick! I like cool stuff.


Niniel said...

Thanks for the tip! Downloading it now!

Boozsha said...

Yeah, I was hoping they would eventually write an app so I could monitor the in game calendar. It figures they would do so after I have quit playing. It is a pretty cool app though. A friend at work has it on his phone, very nice.