Thursday, February 14, 2008

Blog Spotlight

Always add new links when I get around to it or remember to often its blogs of my same class and a few different classes. But have being reading a Paladin blog for a while and keep forgetting to add it.

Its a Blog of a REAL CHICK playing a Protection Paladin in the endgame on "Moonrunner" Server. And yes this CHICK IS A Main TANKADIN and has already completed the very endgame with her Guild, Tanked Illidian Stormrage herself and already past having BT on farm. A member of Maintankadin so one of our own. Right now she's playing around on the PTR and getting ready like everyone else at the very endgame to beat down the Sunwell and all else when it arrives. Will be a lot of strategy there. A good blog so far it is really worth reading. Linked below.



Jerec said...

Too bad she is ally, I could almost admire her tenacity and having to deal with the whole male dominate attitude that permeats this game must be tough as well.

I would love to see someone equally geared on the Horde side, do you you know of any pally with this amount of endgame gear?

Galoheart said...

Yes, Lore a Horde Paladin does have that amount of gear. His blog is in the side link.