Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Screenshots - 3 More Dead Karazhan Bosses

Infernals trapped and killed up on 4 attempts. On our 5th try I QB a different strategy with the Warrior tanking. I just back up heal, cleanse debuff, and spot infernals and we got Prince down all the way and not a single infernal problem. Yeah he's dead thats all that mattered. 8th Boss down this week or 2nd week in Kara for our small guild "Alamat" so a Guild First! He dropped phat loot! I was so excited he was dead I forgot to roll on The Decapitator. The Holy Paladin got it, cheers. AH better days ahead. Got 9 Badges for the effort. Was a good night!
Three tries on Terestian Illhoof and he was not hoofing anymore. 7th Boss down this week. Guild First! Next we did the chest event and that was fun. Hunter got all the loot from that was excited for him on that also.
Sometimes you try, try, try again and its not good enough. A bad night it was Saturday night on 7 attempts to get him to <1500HP thats less than 1% and we wiped. People dying all over the place. Man it really hurt to get him so close and not down for the count, was just a bad night at raiding. Tonight (Monday) we went in with game face and one shot him and not a single person died on the attempt. Overcoming failure was oh so sweet. Retribution is a bitch and Shade of Aran got it full square. 6th boss downed this week. Guild First! Not bad for our 4th time and 2nd week in Kara, we can only get better.

Badges of Justice count: 66

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