Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nightbane Down - Demon to Ashes

After 2 weeks in Kara with our guild Alamat. We Killed Nightbane. Gratz to our little guild team and the effort for 2 weeks at doing and learning Karazhan. I forgot to take the screenshot for the blog, always a lot to remember since I blog to screenshot stuff.

First attempt at Nightbane we got him down to 23%. DPS kept pulling aggro and Nightbane aggro'd and got out of hand and started hitting people and lost positioning and control of him. Warrior MT Nightbane and Galo more less melee dps keeping up Judgement of Wisdom. On our second attempt we killed Nightbane.

For tanking loot, guess what he dropped? Yeap he dropped Shield of Impenetrable Darkness. Though both the Warrior and I needed the shield both, I was gracious enough to not roll on it and let the Warrior have it. I'm not a bullheaded about loot. I'll get the shield eventually like every piece of gear I've ever went after in due time though I have a good shield currently. The Warrior and I work tanking just fine in our small guild with 2 dedicated tanks. So was gratz to him on his gear improvement and it overall benefits our small guild also.

Thursday night we killed Prince again and he dropped Helm of the Fallen Champion. I really wanted the token so I could have picked up the vendor facepiece the Justicar Faceguard with the token. The new guild member the Shaman that's often a pain in my ass rolled a 98. It didn't look good, So I rolled and roll a 5. To be honest he won it fair and square in the roll as we do a roll on loot if need at this point. But as the tank having been on every single raid from the beginning, with full consumables, on time and for the duration of every raid I really got heartburn at that point to be honest. It was irritating to loose the roll to someone that was a pain in my ass often in various ways, never in complete attendance, never there for the entire raid and leaves when he feels like it. So yeah I got hearth burn for that reason alone

As far as the raid goes the Warrior and I more less quarterback the raid as we don't have a actual raid leader per say. However most the time on the raids I guess I'm the acting raid leader it seems as far as knowing the proper strategy to take on all the bosses since obviously since I blog I do my fair share of reading all over the place and research ahead of time what works or works best. For 2 weeks in Karazhan not bad it is having killed every boss except optional boss Netherspite as yet.

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Vyaaren said...

Hey well done with the bane!

the vase said...

Grats on the downing. I hear where your coming from missing the roll to the shammy. I killed prince on my lock and the mindblade dropped, and because of a messup with the loot list we use the first time raiding mage whos on once a month was entitled to it. So I graciously let him have it, but got mine two weeks later, and all the other guildies who know I deserved it the first time were very excited for me and supplied me some extra void crystals for my chant on it. So the karma all comes back around.