Monday, February 11, 2008

Tankadin Heroic Goodies in Patch 2.4

Get ready to be running a lot of Heroics in patch 2.4 to get some noteworthy awesome pieces to equipt your Tankadin for awesomeness. Holy Batman, these are just too awesome to ignore. Get ready to rumble and tumble in Heroics for these maybe even making your death to get them. It will be fun all the same.

Commendation of Kaelthas - This is so awesome its unbelievable! This procing at 35% health when our talent Ardent Defender kicks in is just awesome sauce for the duration of the proc. ** This got nerfed while still on the PTR from 380 Dodge Rating down to 152.

Cudgel of Consecration - Upgrade to your Continuum Blade via PvE vs having to grind Honor in BG's for the S1 Gladiator Mace. I'm sure I'll be grinding Heroics Magister's Terrace for this one to upgrade one of my 2 blade. Seem like this will look like a awesome weapon and with a gem socket too. More HP for the win.

Timbal's Focusing Crystal (Trinket) - Another awesome trinket this going to be to get. WTB 2 more Trinket slots! 2 Slots is just not enough with the Darkmoon Card Vengeance in one slot and a Defense Trinket already in the other slot.

All 3 of these are now etched onto my Heroic want list. You can bet I'm going to be grinding these with some friends till these drop. Awesomeness!


Anonymous said...

The Commendation of Kaelthas is nice.

Justin said...

I agree on the Commendation of Kaelthas as well... very nice!