Saturday, February 16, 2008

Curator Down - Guild First

We started a hour and a half late for the raid due to people late getting online from work and other things. However we got started and knocked over 5 Bosses in one night for this week Kara run tonight. One shot Attunmen & Midnight, Moroes and his crew & Maiden. I backup healed the warrior tank on Maiden. She dropped both the Glove and the Necklace both on my list that I needed however I passed and let the Warrior pick them up both. I'm not worried I'll get them eventually soon. On the way to the Opera picked up Boots of Elusion on the trash pull before the Opera. Lots of AoE of trash, which helped having good gear.

For the Opera this time we got the Wizard of Oz and took us two tried to get it just right as I tanked both Roar and Tito the same time. That was a really fun event I have to say. After that we found our way up to Curator eventually and first try we got him to 38%. 2nd try we got him to 23%. 3rd try he bit the dust. Thats one mana intensive fight as the off tank yet the fight did not seem all that hard. I guess good hear helps as well as the dps. At that it was 1:45AM and so called it a night as need to head to work in just a few hours. Will see what luck tomorrows raid bring. Was a fun night with a few more Badges of Justice, can't remember how many, but now have about 50+ for some goodie goodie purchase. Anyway just a quick recap nothing fancy since I'm pressed for time here at the moment.


Anonymous said...

grats on Curator!

Jerec said...

Off topic question here Galo- Do you think it's possible to solo any of the Outland dungeons as a tankadin?

Oh and congrats on Curator!! Our guild did a full clear this past friday night as my self was an Offtank. Got my Tier4 gloves.

Galoheart said...

I haven't tried. Haven't heard of anyone that has.