Thursday, February 14, 2008

WoW Update 02/14/08

Sunday the guild raid didn't go off as planned, but fortunately I had to work so worked out better on my time. Monday night guild got a raid together and headed back to Kara, cleared some trash which was not too bad and got to the Opera Event. We got the Big Bad Wolf.

That event seems fun, however in the middle of the Boss Wolf fight one of our couple team (Warlock & Shadow Priest) in the raid which included the GM & his wife got disconnected so we lost 2 people right there. As result we ended up wiping on the Wolf at 24%. The GM couple never got reconnected after some time and since we had no other dps available we ended up calling the raid. So no raid this week till friday, which on my work schedule I should be able to make that. Weekend raid this weekend will be doubtful on being able to make it if start early and not till after 7:30pm or 5:30 server time since don't get home from work till then at least for this weekend schedule. On another note just from observation, I find you can waste a lot of time starting a raid when people are either not ready at the raid by having zoned in and not having any clear idea of the boss strategy by not reading up on it ahead of time. Just my observation.

All things otherwise I'm usually just spending time PuGing Heroics most the time. Usually have one guild member at most 2 guildies if possibe but often its just a PuG for Heroics. Our guild is a small guild of almost 50 people and has a member cap of 50 with exception to member alts to keep guild small and allow most the members the chance to raid. So at most times their may be 8-12 people online at most time on regular days excluding raid days. Most my guildies do PvP Arena/BG's for gear for Kara gearing. Some do Heroics when all done with PvP. For Galo its just running Heroics all the time for my goal of 12 Badges a day as my focus. I don't have time to wait around for a guild Heroic run so I choose to just PuG my Heroics and i'm fine with it. Only 2 times I've made that goal on a weekend before but thats the goal whether I make it or not running Heroics. If I hit 12 Badges I call it a day and log off and go do something else with the time.

For Heroics its all about Badges and more Badges and thats all its about nothing else. So I just run the Heroics that give the most farming badges. Usually I run anything Colifang Reservoir & Tempest Keep except Heroic Arcatraz. So often my own personal Heroic Daily grind is running Heroic Botanica (5), UB (4) and then either SP, Mech, SV or the other 3-4 Badges. I can usually run those with a group fast and efficiently. Thats Galo's Personal Daily Grind for 12 Badges a Day Goal irregardless of what the daily heroics are. On most days I don't meet the goal due to work and schedule and endless hours in LFG trying to find 4 other people to run Heroics as i'm always at login in LFG. Last night I was just to tired from work to login WoW so no heroics last night. However I'm up to 33 Badges of Justice with no firm decision what my next Badge gear piece will be as yet. Shadow Priests are always fun to have along doing mind control on mobs I've found for CC.

More Friends
As a result of running lots of PuG Heroics, my friends list had grown even longer. Many players that were at once just from PuG group are now friends that I run with sometime on Heroics or a fill in when needed. Pays to have lots of friends. More good PuGs, more friends and they need badges too so works out well. As result of that I have one friend that Multi-Box two characters all at the same time a Warlock and a Shadow Priest and rather good at it. I also realize Enhancement Shaman can pump out lots of DPS. It can be real fun trying to maintain aggro with a Shaman in full T4 and some T5 gear when I'm barely in T4 gear but his DPS was off the charts, makes for fast Heroic runs.

A few other time had a Boomkin or Doom Chicken whichever you like best that also puts out some amazing high DPS and that one player was a heck of a lot of fun on runs in SSC gear. Yeah have to hold aggo to those players too make for fun times in Heroics. But you know make new friends with all those players which are all in my server top guilds. Pays to have more friends in high places.

Some people refuse to PuG Heroics but hey I understand that too, its all in what you like and prefer or choose to do. I can afford the repair bills if need I have to spend all that money on something worthwhile, but its usually minimal repair on all my runs thus far. On all my runs it usually works out that everyone is a casting class with a Blue bar and just works out great.

Downtime Fishing Fun
In between running Heroics and always in LFG to see whats happening there you usually find me darting back and forth in Terokkar Forest fishing in the highland lakes when I can on my pet project of trying to re-catch Mr Pinchy in Highland Mixed Pools. They re-spawn on average very 40-45 min or so. As a result I bought another Alt GuildBank Slot to hold everything I catch in the attempt since I need more bank space. That makes Alt GuildBank slot #3 at cost of 500g. Its just a matter of time before I'm due to catch Mr Pinchy. On the flip side lets just say the economics of all those fish catch also works out well also. When all mixed pools are fished I just head off to farm herbs or drop a few bombs in Skettis for the daily while still in LFG to do my next Heroics.

I'm just still selling the usual stuff I sell daily. However I've found that Flask of Pure Death which I learned through Alchemy Discovery not too long ago has being doing good for my Alt Banker botton line accounting recently so I've made several more flasks of course for stock sale. However only ever sell 2 at a time on AH. For me those have sold everytime in 48 hrs. Tip:Market scarcity is good sometimes, never sell all your goods all at once if profit matters to you.

Played around with my Eternallord my BE Shadow Priest and got him from lvl 18-20 in Ghostland, was fun. Goal achieved though for that Alt and #2 Banker. He will probably be stuck at lvl 20 for a long time. But he does have 150 fishing and all the other little Alts can do fishing as well as all of them has the Fishing Journal as well. Seems I like to fish. Not sure which Alt I will level next to lvl 20...... when I have time to play around.

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