Tuesday, March 4, 2008

50+K Milestone

Its no easy task when you do this thing called blogging for fun with a lot of time and effort consistently. However over the weekend a few my favorite blogs Honor's Code one my favorite Paladin (Tankadin) and Mystic Chicanery (Holy Paladin & Alts) hit the big 50K site visitors mark. They both may not be as big or as well read popular as one of our favorite WoW blog BRK with 1 Million plus however both have been around a long time and have both great blogs.

Thats a lot of daily readers, visitors, WoW searches and more. I have no clue here when this site hit 50K. Its says 64K on the sitemeter.

Congratulations to fellow bloggers both on having great WoW blogs and the commitment to keep it going.


BRK said...


/wolf whistle!


Alex - aka Firelight said...

Grats dude!!

I just Ding'd 10,000 visitors on my blog!