Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Gear Upgrades 03/18/08

Picked up the Gauntlets which dropped from Maiden on Friday which replaces my Felsteel Gloves. By picking up the Gauntlets with enough defense stats and blockrating on them to maintain uncrushable at 102.4% that allowed me to go ahead and spend the 60 Badges and pick the Girdle of the Protector to replace my Sha'tari Vindicator's Waistguard. When I replace a gear piece I still carry it in bag in case I need to interchange gear pieces for tanking.

Having both new pieces equipped brings my HP up to 14.5HP with 14.7K Armor. It leaves me just slightly below uncrushable but fully raid buffed that's fixed. However I always carry enough interchangeable gear to fix that also, which can be fixed by changing one ring or re-equipting my Blue belt piece as needed. My Defense has also dropped a bit also. So on any future upgrades I will have to keep my defense needs in mind also. So that leaved me with 31 Badges in the bank to save for my next badge item. It only takes me a few days to get up to 60 Badges or a week of 3 Heroics daily to get up to 100Badges on the badge grind. No Welfare Epics equipped or purchased here!

As for next item I'm aiming to replace my Leggings with the new patch 2.4 gear piece Inscribed Legplates of the Aldor (100 Badges) which has lots of avoidance for Boss Tanking. The Unwavering Legguards (75 Badges) are nice but will get those much later if can for AoE tanking Leggings considering patch 2.4 new items. All depends on how long it will be before patch 2.4 arrives and whether or not the new badge vendor will be unlocked or have to wait for that to happen on server, not sure.

Edit: Last night we started this week Kara raid. We cleared first 4 Bosses no problems. Opera we had R&J again. We seem to be getting those 2 for Opera allot. Picked up Spectral Band of Innervation last night from Attunmen for my DPS gear. Increase Badge saving count from 31 to 38 Badges of Justice.

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K said...

Heylo, I'm trying to figure out how to link the wowhead pieces and have them "pop" without having to click the link to see the pieces. Any help, please?

And congrats on the upgrades. :)

Galoheart said...


Cant properly link the script here so.

Check Blog entry dated: 11/24/07 - In Case You Missed It - WoW Item Links in Blog.

Use the link there that should help you.

tony said...

Hello! Enjoy reading your blogs. helps work day go by faster, filling me with images of logging on at home and tanking away!

I have questions about your pics. What mod are you using that shows the effective bonuse of the equipment? That has to be so much better than my sliderule and pencil method :P

Galoheart said...

Im thinking what your asking about is the addon "Rating Buster" for the Stat Summary which does gear comparisons and the other is "Tank Points" for the other stats you see. 2 different addons.

Mazaroth said...

Yep! That was it. So 2 seperate mods then. I have recently begun to do "serious" raiding and am just discovering the many mods that help evaluate items, macro's, and UI enhancements. I hate DLing stuff that ends up useless and having to delete/re-DL parts of stuff. So you guys with Blogs and maintankadin are my heroes! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Saw the post where you got your new hammer, but apparently it disappeared? Anyways, now that you have your hammer, do you have your magic helmet? :D