Monday, March 31, 2008

Weekend Review in Focus

Had some play time this weekend to make up for not much pay time last week. Unfortunately I haven't been able to check out the new 5 man instance as yet however no big deal. However I stuck to my goal that I wanted to get done in getting my next 100 Badges of Justice and I did obtain them. Started the weekend with 69 Badges and ended up with 107 Badges of Justice. So I achieved my intended goal.

On Friday night our guild went back to Kara for the week Kara run with a few new faces in this weeks raid including one or two new members and a member alt. We did every boss up to Aran. Moroes dropped his Lucky Pocket Watch, guild Warrior MT got it and I picked up the Girdle off of Moroes. On Curator he dropped the T4 token I wanted and a member alt shaman won it on his first Kara run. I'm just not lucky with getting T4's and always loosing to and alt or a new member it seems. We tried Aran twice on 2 attemps, only problem was just the 4 elementals. We got him down to about 4% or so at best try before one the healers had to go so run cut short. We had no replacement healer in the guild so at that point we 9 maned it to the chest event and picked up another 2 Badges. Was probably the smoothest Kara run we ever so far all things otherwise one shotting all bosses up to Aran.

Weekend Raid Schedule:
Saturday: Over half members didn't show or at all. Cancelled.
Sunday: None rescheduled!
Monday: None Occured!

Hurricane Heroic Weekend.
Spent the rest of my time on weekend restocking some my depleted consumables since I haven't farmed much way over a month and since I never use the guild bank for anything either, I use my own supplies from my own bank. Rest of the weekend I focused on getting my 100 Badges of Justice. So Pretty much ran various Heroic in Tempest Keep Instances and Colifang. In Pugs of course! Its almost ironic, I never run much Heroics with my guild members as they mostly do BGs and Arena for their gear. Most members new 70's and old barely ever run 5 man ever or Heroics, at least I barely ever see anyone there. Most the usual guild members are never on or don't log on much usually or are playing alts. So Galo pretty much just run Heroics so If I run one its forming my own PuG group.

On Sunday ran more Heroic Pugs forming my own groups as usual. Usually make friends on most runs. I was logged on kinda late in evening so Invited a good Warlock friend I met in a Pug whose now joined the #1 guild on the server for a Mech run I was forming. Invited a Elemental Shaman friend that's in the #3 guild on the server I met in some other pug long ago. Had a Shadow Priest I knew in a few pugs back. So was missing a healer. Healers are usually hard to find these days especially when I can't find any on my friends list also. Eventually we got a Resto Shaman that said we would go who ended up being Orez a T5/T6 geared Resto Shaman from the same #1 guild on the server as my Warlock friend. Ah cool.

We Blazed through Mech in what would be for me at record Hurricane speed. Other than the Warlock having fun with the demons bombing them we didn't have a anything CC'd and I was just in my usual tanking gear. We ran the guantlet at full throttle speed nonstop and came back and beat down the Fire Boss in no time. I don't recall how fast that run was but it was non stop fast with the Resto Shaman healing. Mana was not a problem one bit to say the least and healer never had any mana problems either keeping up. As a matter of fact no one on the run did it seems. I even clocked over 340dps, Yeah!

As soon as the Mech run was over we headed to Heroic UB. On that run we had not a single thing CC and that Heroic run was over like a Hurricane and I had full mana to boot. It was over so fast we then right after that went next door to Heroic Slave Pen. The Resto Shaman said go and we blazed through there just as fast as the last 2 Heroics. Best I can recall we were in and out of that Heroic in less than 30 mins because I had an Elixir up when I started and it still had over 30 mins left when we were done. Talk about record speed for Heroics, it was like a storm going through each full throttle. I'll have to say I had more mana than I could almost spend and could seem to spend it fast enough. The run was pretty damn fun I'd have to say, everyone had a damn good time and fully pumped up after all three run. I even say the Resto Shaman doing DPS figure that! The Resto Shaman wanted to go for another Heroic but It was like really late late and had to call it a night. Yeah the Resto Shaman is now on my friends list now to say the least. Needless to say I was up 107 Badges of Justice after that and getting my new legging when Phase 3 of the Patch 2.4 gets unlocked.

Yeah it helps to be a bit Focused.

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