Saturday, March 8, 2008

Some People Can't Handle The Truth

I was logged in at Shattrath at the Scryer Bank doing some stuff. So I see what seem like a Protection Paladin right next to me standing there. This his Armory profile. So just being curious I was checking his gear to see how he was coming along as a Protec Paladin. After looking at his gear I kindly asked him if I can ask him a few questions. So we chat for 5-10 mins about Protection Paladin, gear and Talent points.

Asked him a few questions as to how long he's been a Protection Paladin and why he had certain enchants and why he had some points the way he did. Said he was protection spec since lvl 1 and that he was spec the way he was to tank for players in epic gear. I kindly offered him some pointers that would of greatly help him improve his gear and use of talents and even tried to refer him to the Maintankadin Forums for Protec Paladins to aid him. What became obvious was that this player said his gear was all fine and that he didn't need any of my help. Hey that's fine. Wished him well and that was that.

I like to think some people are smart enough that they can listen to someone that plays their class that may be able to offer them advice and make a informed decision based on the advice they may get. I've asked and gotten advice from others much better at my class spec, but I never took it as an offense to clearly improve my gear and spec. A few good Paladins helped me along the way, because I was willing and open to listen to their advice. Clearly there are some people that will refuse your advice no matter how much you try to assist them. Some people will take any advice you may offer them as an offense in how they spec their gear or talents.


Wulfie said...

He'll learn or he won't progress. Either way you did what you could.

Honors Code said...

The mark of a good player is one who can take advice on his gear and spec or offer very solid reasons for the choices he has made.

K said...

People are people. No one is perfect (unless you're in the top raiding guild on your server, then you're probably close! But still...) so even though most of my characters are pretty good to really good in how I play and their gear, if someone of my class/spec/whatever is talking to me about my gear and talent points, I can always learn something. It may not be something I apply right away (or ever), but something.

In a funny side note... I ran into a tankadin once who said that he didn't use the shield throw ability (I forget what it's called!) because it doesn't work as a threat builder/aggro builder or something. And.. no, we weren't using sap as a form of CC. He completely did not have the talent. O.o

Anonymous said...

I just wanna know.. WTF is he doing with divine strength? I jest. There was a time I thought STR was just the awesomeness for paladin tanks.

I understand where youre coming from - after all, you just want to make the paladin tank community look good and this guy is screwing it up. I spoke about making us all look bad in a post i made, and this guy pretty much sums it up.