Thursday, March 6, 2008

Slow Days, Just More Badges.

Seem like slow days playing WoW, not too much happening to speak of that's that eventfull. Did a Heroic run yesterday with some guildies at Mechanar and for all the times I been there the Sun Eater never drops but picked up some badges. Ran some more Heroics in Pugs and picked up some more Badges. The usual PuG stuff but nothing major. So all in all picked up 14 Badges yesterday on the Heroic farming circuit.

So I'm now over 60+ Badges, and though I know a gear piece or two I like to pick up I'll just wait a while and farm more badges for now. At least have patch 2.4 gear to farm for. Most my days are just running Heroics farming Badges. And other than the occasional farming herbs when I spot them or going fishing my days are really seeming to be getting a bit boring.

I got more Herbs in the bank than I know what to do with. Alchemy continues to go well as usual. There is a gouging feast on mid level herbs on my server for some reason with a 20 stack of herbs going for 12-18g. Lots of price gouging going on there. But I'm just too busy to attempt to step in and regulate that market on those herbs. If anything it makes my mid level alchemy elixir sell more. Oh well. Making money is also boring these days also. I'm sitting on so much of it that's its just no longer fun making more of it, but I keep making more just selling a few things. Flask of Pure Death has been selling like oxygen! Thus I've now gone thru a full stack of Fel Lotus in making Flasks. My few Major Elixirs sells well slowly also. Sold all my Golden Darters from fishing. Furious Crawdad keeps selling slowly. The money just rolls in. Even that's boring now. Mr Pinchy 2nd wish was a 2hr buff for +500 HP so one more wish left on the cooldown.

There really aren't much for me to feel like doing these days. When I hit my daily 12 Badge goal I usually just call it a day. These days just about the only thing I do really is farm Badges. Its the one thing with gear improvement farming badges I can completely control. No Kara for me this weekend as will be on the job. After a while even that seem to get boring day after day farming badges. I'm thinking I might need to soon go on a break from WoW or spend time working on other things of interest in RL. Slow days it seems.


Dorgol said...

When I get bored of my current character / goals I tend to focus on an alt. During my last "I've healed and tanked it all WTB new stuff" phase I leveled a mage from the mid-40s to the mid-60s.

Now I'm back on my paladin having great fun in PvP. I know it isn't your thing, but playing a healer in BGs is (for me at least) very rewarding - I actually feel like I'm contributing to the group.

Nice going on the badges, though. My game schedule has become very sporadic (basically on for 30-45 min and then off). That may be another reason why I'm doing so much BG lately... I don't have time for much else.

Alex - aka Firelight said...

I felt/feel exactly the same way!

I only ever log onto Firelight to raid, or do some Arena matches really.

So i hit the alts! I've got a 70 boomkin druid, a 67 Warlock thats going to own in BG's/arena when I get him up there! I cant wait!

I'm probably going to take a couple of weeks off raiding with Firelight to get my lock his full season 1 arena gear!! and pvp extras!

And with so much money you can gear up an alt so well it'll make leveling super easy!!

I wish i had 11,000 gold....

Galoheart said...

Problem is with alts is that I really don't enjoy playing alts that much. I've got enough money to fund them anyway i can if need to. Generally just don't enjoy playing and alt.

Can I play, yes. Do i really enjoy it, NO.