Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Reflections In The Mirror

Imagine yourself and where you are in the game. The time, advancement, commitment, work ethic and effort you have invested in your main character, faction grinds and your combined effort you dedicate to your skill and the attention you put into your gear and all else.

When you take a hard look at yourself in the mirror inwardly at all your efforts. Can you Honestly say to your self that you wish you could find another player like you? How about 9-10 or 25 players/guild members just like you?

Absolutely Yes!


Anonymous said...

not to be shoving it in your face, because i see the problems you are facing, but i believe i finally have found that guild.

As we hone into finishing T5 content (5/6 2/4) I am making a home for myself in my guild. It feels good knowing that I can log on, and be helped, help others, and have a good time whilst also progressing.

Best of luck to you in your guild struggles. I hope everything works out well for you. The only thing I envy of you is that you are needed for heroics, and get soooo many badges. hehe.

Galoheart said...

@rdnmrsox, really glad you found yourself a great guild thats suited to your progressions needs.

Finding a good and the right guild or members is never easy so kudos to anyone that finds themselves both. Most people would like to find both at some point.

Often its finding both that can be just as daunting. Gratz to you though, keep progressing.

Anonymous said...

Hehe. It's always a reminder that anyone can make mistakes. We can one shot the likes of Morogrim Tidewalker and Karathress, but then wipe 4 times on Gruul. Oh well, we got him down, and that's all that matters.

Like I said, good luck to you in your search, depending on how it goes with your high end guild you apped to.