Monday, March 10, 2008

Screenshots - Omen Tanking TPS

A good properly geared P.Paladin can generate a heck of a lot of threat or TPS (Threat Per Sec) when or as needed on a single or multiple mobs. Captured these shots from various screenshots at different times in various instances. Hard to believe the numbers sometimes that Omen captures. On Demons/Undead I can generate a lot more threat on those mobs. But on average with no mana Issues I can usually average somewhere around or over 700+ easily most the time when I need to get up there in threat on a single mob in a good rotation in current gear. But as they say "Screenshot or didn't happen". So there they are. 1st one is Tanking Curator. 2nd is single Demon in Botanica. 3rd A Demon in Arcatraz.


Anonymous said...

This makes me cry. My tps as a holy pally is only like 44.

HolyWarrior said...

Cool, When I was tanking as holy in Arcatraz the other day my threat was easily 4 times that of the warrior who was trying to get threat off me!!! Just imagine what it would have been like if I'd been specced prot!!!

Bit of advice - You don't have to take it though :P ...

...Go into set up and get rid of the *Aggro Gain* bar, it's pointless and just clogs up the window. It's especially pointless if you are tanking because it gives you zero information. I even have it turned off when I am on my 'lock as I can see when my name is above the tank's.

Galoheart said...

I can remove the aggro gain on the Threat Meter, but to be honest I like to keep it there as the Tank. There are times in Heroics since its what i run more often than raiding that i may be low on mana or close to OOM and various situations that i can clearly see someone a high DPSer in T5+ gear riding my ass above that curve on the threat while im trying to manage my mana and threat.

So i keep it there for more info thats usable to me while tanking and not less usable info.

HolyWarrior said...

Fair point!! That's your considerate side coming out.

My Devil's advocate response to that would be that I will tank and use a spell rotation to keep a consistent amount of threat on target while remaining within my "blue rage" bar.

The rest of the team should be watching omen and managing their own threat, if they grab aggro then I will take it back from them, if possible, then moan at them for not watching Omen!!!

The Difference? You're nice and I'm a B@stard! :P

Galoheart said...