Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Dual Spec Retribution Gear.

This is my Dual Spec Retribution gear so far on a o/17/54 build that I've managed to put together without too much extended effort. Most just pieces I picked up from Heroics when I had the option to pickup the piece and no one else needed it. Rest from Factions since I'm Exalted with the major ones already and few crafted pieces. A few options I just picked up with a few badges since didn't have much else to use them for atm.

My Retribution Gear Set so Far...

Neck: Chained Military Gorget (Using my Tanking Neck piece)
Trinket 1: Incisor Fragment
Trinket 2: Mirror of Truth

So far it seems decent to raid with and do decent dps when switching to dual spec for guild raids or just whenever playing around on quest or whatever. I can spend spend money just for a Neck piece but I just rather use my tanking neck piece for now since it has decent stats and hit rating on it. Being a tank and dual spec as Ret I don't have any priority for gear upgrades in raids and I'm not counting on picking up much since guild have lots of melee dps and dps plate as well. And I guess its not much a priority to focus on quickly improving my Ret gear over my tanking gear set(s). May have to run a few guild 10 mans as dps maybe for any upgrade but not sure how much upgrades can possible get in 10 mans other than tier pieces maybe.

If I pickup upgrades from raiding them I guess that will just be fine I guess. A Libram upgrade I'm sure I can pickup on a next Naxx raid hopefully as I'm not going to spend Emblems of Valor to pick up dual spec gear over tanking gear pieces. But at least I did put some work into the gear to make it decent for raiding utility and can provide some utility when needed as a option. But that's my gear I had together after the patch went live. But WTB more bag space, with all that gear in my bag I barely have any free space.

If you know of good gear upgrades to above do let me know. PvP is out since I don't PvP. I may  have to dps a few VoA to maybe see what comes up as well and with the Argent Tournament for weapons which I'm already working on.


Suicidal Zebra said...

A Quick Note: The Argent Tourney 2-h DPS weapon is flat worse than the Titansteel Destroyer, mainly due to it's abominably fast speed (a source of no end of frustration to me).

You have far too many Blue gems, all bar two of which should be swapped out for either +16 Str or +16 Hit (if not capped). You only need 2 don't forget, any more is a surplus. Yellow gem slots should be filled with +16 hit or +8 Str/+8 Hit (depending on caps), never crit.

I'm not sure there are any glaringly obvious upgrades apart from as you rightly mention the Naxx Libram and the DPS badger next (or perhaps AD neck, haven't checked that out yet). As you go through Naxx-25 pretty much every piece of DPS gear will be an upgrade, but that's fine too.

I really should do this with my tanking gear.

Galoheart said...

Thanks Zebra.

One the thing is with all the hit rating I'm already Hit capped already and a bit past it since i get enough hit rating from the gear alone. So one the reasons I don't have any hit gems nor enchants.

Suicidal Zebra said...

Cool, then it's Strength and Expertise gems all the way.

(Note Expertise is only not quite as good as Strength in fights where you are always behind the mob. If you are ever in front of the mob, at any time, Expertise is better than Strength for DPS. Essentially, Strength is a good choice, and expertise isn't too bad either once your hit-capped).

Galoheart said...

Will see if I can pickup any of these as options for getting some expertise on gear. The Collar of Dissolution would be a neck upgrade as well the Hemorrhaging Circle ring in Heroic Gundrak as well.

Less likely though possible to pickup from raid Ruthlessness from Naxx zone drop. But will see. Will help a bit.

Barrista said...

Those legplates are GREAT for hit rating. I actually kept them equipped over tier 7 legs.

I can't view wowhead so I'm assuming that belt is leather or mail by the name? There's a good plate belt in hNexus. As for 25 or 10 man, there's Ruthlessness but also Strong Handed Ring.

I'm doing the same thing right now though. I put on all my prot gear and then went "shopping" with my emblems. I need a chest piece, boots, trinket, and bracers. I've been lucky enough to get some gear from 10 and 25 mans too.

Expertise is definitely good to get. After being hit capped I gemmed for it and my dps increased, not by a ton, but about 5%. I used recount to check the info and my glancing blows had been cut in half! It can definitely make a difference.

Algaran said...

Umm.. expertise has no impact on glancing blows. Only on the chance to be parried or dodged.