Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Phat Loot Weekend Quest - Yeap a iPhone

Off Topic:

This past weekend, I tasked myself with a raid quest to my local Apple store for a epic phat iPhone pickup. I prep for the raid quest. Got to the store, was in and out in under 5 min, with raid loot in hand. Yeah had to pay the NPC at the store a bit to get it but I love it and it rocks! Its a Phone, iPod & Blackberry all in one.

I can surf the web from it and pages looks exactly like my web pages. Can even get all my emails and all my blog comments to it away from home. I can read my blog and read the comments straight from work right on my phat iPhone. I can almost write a blog entry from it also, yeah that's pretty slick to me for a phone. I was even reading my usual blogs I read on it with complete clarity. Hey we don't all have to get one, but it a epic loot gain to me. So my latest iPhone is now BOP and its a great phone, hell its pretty Phat Loot!


Sunstriker said...

Subliminal messaging and peer pressure....aaaaaah!!! *runs away*

Grats on loot! My friend is qqing how Apple made too many and he cant ebay the 6 that he bought.

Megan said...

1st generation Apple product? Brave, brave Pally. Enjoy your new trinket.

Galoheart said...

Galo use mac only.

Yeap Galo is a brave knight also. Its one slick phone.

This comment is brought to you by my Phat new Epic BOP iPhone.

Salud said...

Grats! Lets hope the apple Devs dont't nerf the phone

Jehu said...

John Street (the mayor of Philadelphia for those outside of PA) was among those waiting in line for his iPhone. He beat feet when someone in the crowd asked him why the mayor of Philly was worried about the latest gadgets and not among the skyrockting murder rate. Gotta love the city!

/derail off