Friday, December 4, 2009

Finally my last 80

The journey to level up a few alts all the way has finally come to a end! Finally dinged 80 a little while ago on my Shadow Priest Darkweaver turning in a quest in Icecrown. Got up early today on my day off and knocked out the last 2 levels. I wanted to get it done before the weekend since I have to work all weekend.

He was really really fun to level up and i've now got quite a bit of leveling fatigue after leveling up 4 alt 80's all back to back. With that I've accomplished one of my big goals i've set much earlier in the year for WotLK to level up a few alts, four in all to lvl 80.

So I now have 5 lvl 80 characters a big brother Paladin and his band of brothers with a Shaman, Death Knight, Hunter and a Shadow Priest. And thats about as much characters I can stand to level up and play in some fashion without feeling i'm completely stretched too thin while maintaining some sense of good playing skill among each.

My Shadow Priest will only dps. He never ever will have dual spec because I just don't play healing! Its just not my thing.

I'm just glad the journey to level up a few alts is finally over as i'm a bit tired from it all. And quite glad got it all done before the final Patch of 3.3 arrives for WotLK.


SeƱor Puzzle said...

Congratulatons! I feel exactly like you. I have 4 80s too because my real life don't let me play in raids continuosly.

I always played like shadow priest since 2006, but i have played a palatank/palaholy in wotlk. He is my big brother :P. I started to read your blog when I searched for tank tricks. And i leveled up a hunter troll and warlock belf. 4 80s to play when i want and how i want ^_^. That's my goal in the game, have fun with my greats guildies when I can play.

Now I'm leveling a druid XD. I don't know why, but it's fun too.

Congrats again. Keep your shield up and have fun ;)

PD: i'm sorry, my english is not very good. I play in Shen'dralar, spanish server EU. My apologizes. I hope you can understand my comment. ;)

Steven said...


I am at the level of 5 down...
(MM Hunter, Pally, Shaman, Druid, Priest)
2 to go!
(Rogue, in progres, 74 and BM Hunter, 71)

My DK is banished to stay at 57 ad infinitum as GL of my personal Guild Bank

Next max level character will not occur until Cataclysm.

Never say never. Alts tend to sneak up on you when you least expect ;)

Skarlarth and Co.

Ardent Defender said...

Alts are a good break from playing your regular character so yeah they are nice to play at times or for variety. Im sure i will level one in Cataclysm.

For now im just glad im done with leveling alts and can get back to working on my main character and other characters at lvl 80 and move things along. I've been on a detour for a while, but its one that i was focused on doing since it was a stated goal for a long time.