Sunday, December 13, 2009

Screenshoots: The Patient One

I got my little Puggy Pug. The texture on that pet is really nice and looks like one the best looking pets in the game. I'm still not much a game pet fanatic, but its minor enjoyment all the same. A though came to mind looking at the pet that had me wondering if Blizzard is experimenting with new game textures but doing it in not so obvious ways. I wonder?

So my Shadow Priest barely been at lvl 80 a week. The pixel character may be different whether on my Paladin or any other class, I'm still the same player that have always loved to Pug since ancient times. That has never changed. So I got the Title for The Patient one on the first day I ran him through Heroic on a marathon which was Wednesday. The thing was I didn't even notice I had and was wearing the title till when I logged in on Friday! Duhh. After getting off work Friday night I went on marathon random heroics run and ended up with the new Achievement for Multitudes on early Saturday morning running heroic UK. Almost fully Epic'd as well after that many runs.

Ever the Patient pugger at Ardent Defender. One of the little many things that gives me game enjoyment.

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