Thursday, December 17, 2009

Why Do You Pull So Fast?

A nice and simple question and a fairly lengthy new thread I saw and read on my Blue Tracker asked by Skeletorrior on the WoW Forums: Why do Tanks Pull So Fast? The reason It caught my attention again was more so because just a few days ago I had a chat discussion with a few guildies that brought up the question in guild chat. More so especially since Patch 3.3 with the new LFG system and with many of them now running allot of random heroics.

So quite a few guildies chatted about it and their experience with the cross realms LFG system and their grouping with random players often many high HP tanks and super fast runs. I'm still a Tank at heart and though I've been on break from it for quite a few months I still know how I like to tanks and think I can understand the reasoning why many tanks like to pull so fast. So I tried to chat with my guildies to help them understand some perspective of from a Tanks view.

Since Patch 3.3 in the random LFG System I've been in groups as dps where Tanks pull at amazing speed from start to finish. Some have been crazy pulls the entire instance. Often many those runs were with Tanks around 38K+ HP and more but all fun to me.

Some my answer to that is just based on my own personal experience and just how I like to do things from my experience over time as a Tank. But as a Tank I hate standing around twiddling my thumb in a Instance! Its also one the things I really hate at times about raiding, all the waiting around as well also and dead time. When I get to the instance and we ready, its time to get going, keep moving and get it over with. And the faster its over with the quicker I can get that done and move on to the next thing to do whatever that may be I need to do.

I also like the momentum and keeping the momentum of things moving fast if possible or at a steady pace. As well the better I now a instance the faster its going to go and as long as the healer has mana or fairly enough I'm going to keep moving. Plus with Divine Plea as a Paladin it favors being in constant melee combat to keep Divine Plea up for mana regeneration.

Faster runs to me are much more fun and well as chain pulling and keeping a fight going. That's just more fun than constant and stop and go and waiting around. Kinda remind me of highway traffic and stop and go traffic. I hate stop and go traffic as well. I like to drive fast and move fast. Quite a few times I've been in group where the healer and dps was asking to go faster or someone wanted the run to go faster because they had other things to go do and wanted the run to be over as fast as possible. I'm going to pull as fast as I think the healer can keep up and keep people alive without wiping. I don't like unnecessary repairs either from dying if i can help it from a stupid wipe if I can avoid it.

From beginning of Instance run to the end I'm constantly paying attention or evaluating how well the healer is keeping things going on heals. More so at the beginning of the run. And as long as they doing a good job of it on heals and keeping up it sets the pace for me the rest of the instance I'll keep pulling moving things along rapidly. The more Pro to me the healer seems or the more trust I have in the healer to be on the ball the faster I'm going to go and the more fun I'll try to make the pulls and run for everyone. At times I've tried to pull fast or make things interesting to give the healer a healing workout and so they don't get bored healing either. But for me it all depends more on the healer than the dps. And as long as the healer can keep up on healing I'm going to keep pulling and moving fast as long as I'm comfortable as well with the group performance and nothing tricky about any pull I'm doing like in learning a new Instance and getting a feel for things.

The faster the better, the more fun it is. Sometimes your just in the zone pulling and keep going unless the healer signal for a break or something to slow down a bit. But the quicker the instance is over with the quicker that I as a Tank can get back to doing whatever it is I was doing. I don't like to waste time twiddling my thumb! The last few months I been enjoying playing dps for a change of pace and I enjoy it and the relaxation of it all. And even dpsing I enjoy things when the Tank as well picks up the pace and keep things moving at a good steady pace and the faster the more fun to me it is or challenging it can be.

It might be the same for you or it may be different reasons. But why do you pull so fast?


Martin said...

Amen! Amen! Amen!

Just Heroic buffed I can get 42k-43k HP. Especially when I'm in the super easy heroic (UK/Nexus) I don't stop until the dungeon is done. So long as DPS isn't silly and aggro ahead of me this has never been a problem. The Divine Plea point is also spot on. I want to keep that buff up as much as possible. In my view tanks set the pace for the dungeon, and it really bothers me when when healers or DPS need to pause often for whatever reason. So when I can I try to go as fast as possible. This keeps the enjoyment for me since the vast majority of the heroics no longer have the CC or pull issues that BC dungeons did.

Turiel said...

For me a lot of it is that I dislike the downtime, and my gear makes it so my healers are usually trying to dps anyway. (in heroics this is)

There really is no reason to sit and pause. It only increases the chances your dps or heals will afk on you or not pay attention. If you are constantly giving them something to do they *ought* to keep up then as well!

Also, I just started a new blog! check it out!

G-Rebel said...

I'm not a tank, but the first time I healed a heroic the tank was chain pulling everything. It was a shock at first, but since then I'm more comfortable with it.

As a DPS I love it, it keeps the action going and my fingers moving. As long as a tank will stop when, as a healer, I ask him to (oom, etc) then I'll keep healing him. It's when a tank goes jerk on me and waits for nobody that I just let him die.

Vordan said...

I admit I complain about tanks that chain pull like their gear is going out of style. Let me be more specific and change that around...I complain about tanks doing chain pulling when their gear is so crappy their avoidance is, well non existent. I have 30k mana, I never get past 1/4th my mana bar and when a tank has crappy gear doing chain pulls I do go OOM. They dont wait for me to get mana before they pull, and wonder why we wipe. Yes divine plea is awesome but that 1 minute cool down is just too long lol. Geared tanks, I dont mind moving quick, poorly geared just is a wipe waiting to happen.

Paul said...

Speed instance runs can be tough for a first timer. Finally got an Azjol- Nerub run. No time to buff, say high this is my first time in this instance or to buff. Next I get "Move up or are you retarded?" Do I have to put up with that?

Darraxus said...

I pull instances at a very fast pace, but I always watch out for my healer. The healer is my lifeline and if they dont have mana, they cant refresh my life bar.

Paul said...

Like you, on my Paladin, I like to pull the next pack befor Divine Plea's ticked down. Only time I stop is if the healer's below 40% mana.

On my DK, well I don't like to waste Runic Power. I'm sure Warriors and Druids are even more precious about Rage.

It's weird that the tanking and healing classes have such opposing mechanics.

Jong said...

"Kinda remind me of highway traffic and stop and go traffic."

That's a good way to put it.

Michael said...

I Might have something to do with the fact the DPS is sitting on your ass say gogogogogo the whole damm time. Its frustrating and annoying but unfortunately thats they way people like it. I know there are some tanks who love to speed run instances but im not one of them. The main reason that HoR runs fail is because the DPS cant leave well enough alone and give the tank time to pick up threat. thier used to the tank being able to pick up threat no matter what and are shocked when its a wipefest.