Wednesday, December 9, 2009

LFG Random Heroics are Fun!

I don't know what to tell you if you haven't as yet tried Patch 3.3 and some the new features. I haven't ventured into Icecrown Citadel for the new dungeons there as yet to do anything though I've picked up the quest on one or two alts. So far just been using the new LFG system and its damn fun.

After playing around updating more addons earlier this morning I finally got around to doing a few Heroics almost at noon. No one was on in the guild so I figure I try things out in LFG while on my Shadow Priest since I needed to get him some adequate gear since he recently hit lvl 80 and have barely started to do Heroics.

I entered LFG and in less than 5 secs I was whisked away to Heroic Nexus. Worked fine as momentarily appeared in the Instance with the cross server group. Some groups i heard was still having some instance problems and in ICC it seem to happen a bit there with some bugs in the new dungeons. But in Heroic the runs went fast as hell and with good groups so far! First group Tank had a whopping 55K HP. WoW! The instance was over before you knew it. Man was it fast.

After left the instance it sends you back right where you were before you entered the instance. So back in Dalaran sitting on my mount where I was before. Re-entered the new LFG system and up was Heroic HoL. Another cross server group and a Tank with some 49K HP. lol all the raid tanks are out in force I guess. If Nexus went fast before this one was hooked on speed!! Literally!! Form beginning to end the instance the tank did not stop pulling, he chain pulled the entire instance form pull to pull to pull. He didn't wait for you to mana up or whatever. And before you knew it the instance was over before it barely began. WoW. We got Heroic Occulus somewhere in between and it seen nerfed allot from what I remember.

I can't remember how many Instances I ran. But I saw Heroic Nexus like 2 times using the LFG random Heroic. I started the day with 7 Emblems of Triumph and when I logged off for something to eat I had 62 Emblems of Triumph. When you enter the LFG system it really don't take long before your group is ready. I mean not long at all, you barely have time to go do anything else before your group pop and is ready. I had to leave LFG and log off because it was like 8pm in the evening and I hadn't even eaten breakfast, lunch or dinner.

As for the new loot system in play in Heroics, it went along smoothly with all the groups I had. It worked just like the usual loot system. If you had a enchanter in group you could see the option to disenchant was actually lit up on the selection to disenchant. I pretty much selected to disenchant the blues if it was not usable. If you did not have a enchanter in group the option to disenchant was not a real option on the loot selection so you had to greed the item. But pretty much it worked as it suppose to and didn't notice any real problem.

I've never seen Dalaran so packed with people all standing around waiting for Instances to pop ready. Needless to say the place lagged allot as well. But the Heroics sure popped fast in the new LFG system and was fun trying things out. All the groups I had went well and fast and the instance was usually over before you knew it. So far really had a fun time in the new LFG system. Lots of Fun!


Vordan said...

I have to say I like the LFG system when its not randomly booting members and also when it lets me zone in, thats a bonus. I had the pleasure of healing Heroic GD today, we did all the bosses aside from Eck and it took all of 8 lie. Talk about quick. I am wondering if they nerfed the insdtances.

Darraxus said...

The new LFG is one of the best features that Blizzard has ever implemented. I love running 5 mans and this makes it so much easier.