Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hurray Patch 3.3 lands Today!

Can you say people are excited for the new patch that lands today. Probably cant get off work fast enough to boot up WoW to go try out the new patch.

With all the info and new stuff in the new patch and stuff to read and go over and all that I don't really have anything specific to put up on the blog. I'm glad I'm done leveling my alts, so my much long detour is over right before patch 3.3.

I'm just reading catching up on things in patch notes and changes, reading a few my favorite blogs and others and all that I haven't been able to keep up as much with for a while.

So I don't really feel like making a post atm about anything. Its my day off and just busy trying to update my addons and all that stuff.

As long as the patch install goes along well and not too many problems, I'm sure most people will be having a busy day playing around with all that's new in the patch and hitting up the new dungeons for ICC and LFG for random Heroic for marathon runs to rack up some new Emblems.

I'm sure I'll be out there somewhere...

Things to Do...

Its been a long while but need to take a trip down to the garage and pull the dust covers off that antique and rust plated P.Paladin and send him over to Overhauling for major tuning, rework for allot of armor plating upgrade.

Need to redo my Paladin Tanking UI. His UI is completely different to all my dps characters as his needs are just different. His UI has been untouched for months and so so last decade.

Wildcard: I been needing to clean my hard drive for some time and good time to do so. Been putting it off till I finished leveling my alts to 80. Means deleting everything on my drive and having to reinstall everything and and doing it all over and a major distraction to do. Soon probably. Sounds like allot of work reinstalling system, WoW, Addons, configuring addons etc. Thats allot of work!

For today, I get to play with the new patch and get exhausted running Heroics on marathon runs for Emblems. Do I take my Paladin, Shaman, Death Knight, Hunter, Shadow Priest for retooling and Emblems? Uhh. Life was so much simpler to decide on things when their was only one character to play my Paladin than a band of alts. More alts more problems!


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't get too excited yet - connecting to the game is impossible at the moment.

Ardent Defender said...

Was no excitement for sure, couldn't even log into the game on patch day.