Sunday, December 20, 2009

Quel'Delar's Epic Quest in ScreenShots

Quel'Delar's reward for a dps Priest since well you cant wield the actual blade and Priests don't use Swords.

Its a very long Epic Quests that once started takes you through all 3 of the new IceCrown Citadel 5 man Instances to either gather some items or reforge some part of the Quel'Delar's blade. As well fight the blade in Halls of Reflection. Lots of lore all around. Even get to meet quite a few heroes and villains of lore all well known as well. Its a really awesome and time consuming quest but really fun that takes you to lots of places to complete.

I took over two dozen screenshots on the quest just for fun of lots of cool moments. I'm not going to put them all up. I'm also too lazy to detail the quest as well so i'm just going to do it in screenshots and all are in order to the next. Few shots are missing in between and those are all that takes you to the new heroics to complete some aspect of it. But just a few screenies of the Epic quest.

If and when you run any the new three IceCrown Citadel heroics this Battered Hilt can drop from any thing in the dungeon and even from the boss also if your so lucky to see it drop. This Hilt dropped for me of the last boss or 2nd boss in heroic Forge of Souls. This quest can be done by any class and rewards any class at the end with a weapon. So if the Hilt ever drops for you everyone roll need on it and that includes you. Don't let some smart ass try to talk you out of not rolling on it. Yeah some smart ass tried to as well in my random heroic Pug, but i won the roll and all was well fair and square.

Anyway Enjoy. I need to get back to playing the game.

You take it here the Battered Hilt if it ever drops for you and you know where that is by now.

Lots of interesting lore and lore i never knew about. Cool stuff.

That queen is a hottie!

You get to meet a few Heroes. As as a Blood Elf its great to actually get to meet some and not some the crazy ones we know of. You even get to give then a helping hand and get their blessing.

A trip to now well guarded the Sunwell.

Present and dip Quel'Delar's blade into the Sunwell.

All the Elfs seem to be happy I returned Quel'Delar and mumbled all kind of stuff in awe of Quel'Delar's return.

The Sunreavers are quite happy I completed all that task to complete and reforge Quel'Delar on its Epic quest.

Bummer Priests can't use swords so I can't actually wield Quel'Delar. So the Argent Crusade decide to reward me in fair trade with one their great great Epic Weapons and take Quel'Delar into their protection.

Epic Quest! You even get a Achievement for it too. How nice. Well can only hope a Battered Hilt drops for you too and maybe you get to do the quest and all. Don't let some jerk try to talk you out of rolling Need if you haven't gotten it yet. Some guy in my Pug wanted to bribe me for the Hilt when it dropped.


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The quest line does look quite awesome. Can't wait to get mine for healing!

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