Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Patch 3.3 and Day After

Well it was hell just trying to log into WoW on patch day. Even just trying to get connected to the game never seemed to happen and when you got pw logged in you still couldn't make it to your realm to get connected and was auto disconnected every time. I gave up after a while just didn't seem was going to get into the game. So much for my scheduled day off work!

Tried to log in later but still couldn't get into the game. I called it a night at that. Tried this morning to log in and still kept getting disconnected. Was eventually able to log into the game but kept getting disconnected when tried to log on realm. Had to log into the game again and tried to log onto a different realm I barely use and somehow that seemed to let me log on a realm and then log off that realm and relog back onto my normal realm. Not sure why but that pretty much seemed to work and worked every time after relog.

Did pick up the new Core Hound pet on all my alts since I had a Authenticated account ever since Blizzard had them. Don't everyone have account authenticators by now?

I just spend much the morning clearing up mail boxes for AH stuff mostly. There seem to be some changes with Quick Auctions 2 in being able to mass cancel items and specifically I guess Glyphs since they are so cheap to cancel all day long. Its kinda noted on the addon and a workaround listed as a notice if you use it so the notes are there. But its just harder to mass cancel stuff.

As well my Postal addon don't work and neither updated for clearing mailbox fast so had to manually remove a ton of glyphs from a few alts by clicking each one, which took forever. While doing that I did notice a change with mailbox as well. Before they used to be a 50 mail limit, but it seem now as you remove stuff from mail that the mailbox auto updates and add new mail you haven't as yet removed. Kinda nice. But nicer to get my stuff out the mailbox faster and not take forever too.

I did find the 3 new glyphs that were added to the game you can find in Dalaran at the glyph vendor but as learn able Techniques from the vendor item seller who sells the parchments. So if your a scribe you can pick them up there for a few gold as recipes. I saw some people had them on AH for as much as 200g the three new recipes.

Haven't had time to do much else since still have to update quite a bit of addons that needs updating even though downloaded a bit of them yesterday.

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