Friday, December 18, 2009

In Case You Missed This: Seals & Shield Cleaving

If your a Paladin in the Maintankadin community or one that frequently reads the forum over there and keep up to speed on the very latest things then your already most likely well aware of some recent change affecting Protection Paladins having to do with our Seals and Shields use. I'm just going to point you with a little bit of redirect link love to a few of our fellow Tankadins in the community that has already covered some aspect of these latest findings already and this is really worth reading.

Honorscode now moonlights a little bit from his well written Paladin blog and has a really good article piece over at Paladin Schmaladin: I'm No Expert, But This Is Important. Its really worth reading if you haven't been keeping up on latest in Tankadin news and on the tip changes affecting Tanking.

And then I turn you to Rhidach who also has two added piece over at his blog Righteous Defense with: Shoring up Expertise. This effect leads into his other piece Second Look at Seal of Command. All of those blog article pieces which have been well analyzed by Theck over at Maintankadin the math genius who's numbers always make my head ache in searing pain is so well tied together by Wrathy who writes a really awesome blog over at Avenging Wrathy with this piece: SoComm versus Vengeance/Corruption.

This is really good reading and worth reading if your a Tankadin or moonlight as one and not always keeping up like some of us that do on the latest news from the tip of the blade which often changes suddenly and very fast. All those blogs are really worth reading if you haven't been there before but follow the links and get the low down on the changes to Shield of Righteousness, Expertise and Seal of Command as well Shield of Seal of Righteous Cleaving. Its fun finding out just what that is and all about.

Follow the links and be informed. Enjoy!

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Turiel said...

Nice article!!

Made me think about it personally and I decided to toss up a post on this too!