Monday, December 13, 2010

End of first Week of Cataclysm

After a long delayed start to Cataclysm spending a untold amount of time after having logged in months was finally able to get things moving a bit. That was after doing character administration cleaning up filled up banks and more banks of used to be valuables, then trying to figure out a spec and learning how some new redesigned class spell works.

Since Vashj'ir was my starting zone at lvl 80 since it was the first quest zone to either of the starting zones so I just went along with things. The zone is very pretty zone and quite aquarium like and full of Naga's and see life. I have to say the story line I enjoyed the most really has to be the Battlemaiden quest line story. Really had allot of fun that story line was. Overall was able to complete over 150 quests to get the first zone achievement for quests completed. Though I did quite a bit more quests after that still seems there are a bit of quests left there to do.

At some point picked up a quest that sent me back to Orgrimmar which diverted me from other quests in Vashj'ir but that eventually sent me to Thrall at the Maelstrom and into Deepholm athalf way to lvl 82. Finding the zone a refreshing change of scenery from being underwater at Vashj'ir stayed and did some zone quests there. Lots of very interesting scenery the zones are.

While questing in Deepholm kept finding mining nodes for other mining ore can't remember the name but the WotLK equivalent of Saronite to Cataclysm. Since was still leveling mining mined enough to hit 525 in not too long a time. At some point in the process it became a race to find mining nodes and seen other players swoop down out of nowhere grab them. So before long it became a race finding the nodes around the zone before the other players did. In the end left the zone with 9 stacks of the new ore to sell on AH. I guess had a great time mining.

At the end of the night which was quite late finally hit lvl 83 and just turned in remaining completed quests. One of the last quests turned in was for a quest to turn in at someone inside Stonecore. Though at the time had no idea it was for a dungeon related quest to turn in inside the dungeon. Took a while to figure out how to get to where the entrance to Stonecore was and eventually popped inside the dungeon and turn in the quest. Was surprised after looking for a while where the entrance was. So far that's the first and only dungeon entrance have been able to find so far.

So far for Catclysm the zones seem to be quite enjoyable especially being away from the game for a while. New zone quests really does seem quite linear especially having done most of the overall questing so far in Vashj'ir which does send you from one direct location to another. Everything so far seem so new it takes some degree of effort to remember where things are, used to be as well even how to properly play character. Its as enjoyable and new as I probably would have imagined after being on a very long hiatus from the game.

First Death In Cataclysm - Pawned!
Sitting in the Inn in Orgrimmar working on figuring out the new talents and spec. Shift to secondary spec fix new talents points. Shift back to protect spec. Cast Arcane Torrent for some quick mana. Bamm dead! Duhh! Pawned immediately by Gamon the Elite sitting right behind me in the Inn. That was too funny, i guess that was considered a hostile act since he was in range or Arcane Torrent.

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Anonymous said...

I loved Vashj'ir, which I hit up after Hyjal because I really wanted to experience everything. It's a very unique zone for sure, and very pleasing to the eye. I think it's the longest zone though, based on the number of quests. And towards the end, I did feel relieved to be out of there and moving on to something else.