Saturday, December 11, 2010

Getting out the Cataclysm starting block

Wasn't quite that easy trying to clean up all my character bags and bank before the starting bell to at least start doing some things in Cataclysm. It took quite many hours to clean things up a bit on all 5 of my lvl 80 characters. And as well having to clean up and clean out the guild bank for my guild which as a job as well. It was like cleaning out a garage on and then trying to liquidate things by selling them all on the auction fairly cheap. Took quite a very long time where dumping it all to a vendor could of being easier, less time and less gold as well.

Most of the stuff I wanted sold got sold in 24hrs. Some I had to put back up on the AH to resell in 24hrs again and got sold. Wasn't much that didn't get sold, but some didn't and i just vendor the rest of everything that didn't. The hardest thing was trying to figure out what to do with a bag full of epic gear and gear sets for Galo. In the end after cleaning out personal bank I couldn't figure what to do with all my lvl 8o epic gear so I threw it all back into the bank till I could decide sometime later.

Made a few thousands selling all the stuff on each character on the AH where everything suddenly seem so expensive. Was happy at least got something vs straight junking everything to a vendor.

Next thing had to do as figure out how to spec my characters since everyone of then has no spec and all untalented points. That was too hard a task to do for each character since barely have any idea of class changes with everything being so new. I hadn't really decided which character I was going to play. However which character to play was a easy choice of which character I can remember how to play the easiest at lvl 80 first straight off the top of my mind. That was my paladin! It was easier to at least try to spec my paladin. So sat in the Inn in Org for a few hours trying to figure out a spec as well as trying to work at configuring the default UI.

Took a while and finally realize how much my paladin had changed as well as spells and skills. Didn't realize how much less points as well now have to talent a lvl 80 character. All this stuff was now new to me remembering how things used to be. I was amazed at how much talents had been moved around and shifted trees. As well as gone was the bloated talents. I was surprised only had 36 points, I was wondering where the rest of the points went.

Anyway was at least not so hard to figure out a Protect Spec for Galo. Figuring out where to put talent points in protection didn't seem that hard after doing a dry run of talents the first time. Seems like almost everything but a few places. Hardest part of making a decision talent points wise having no clue of how things had changed and not having no clue how new spells work with each other came down to deciding where to spend 3 extra points. After really reading the talents and again looking over the spec it was easy to put 3/3 in Crusade in the retribution tree. Was easy as well considering had Crusade in the old spec and re-reading the new talent description. So went ended up 0/33/3 at lvl 80.

What I couldn't figure out reading the Crusade spell was why it said Crusader Strike and had no idea what Templer's Verdict was. I had no idea that Crusader Strike was now a skill usable in the protection tree even though I clearly saw it in the spell book. I had just overlooked it since I knew it was always a retribution talent. So much so I leveled to lvl 81 without it. It wasn't till hit lvl 81 that went back to trainer and picked up the new Inquisition spell that looked again back through spell book and kept looking at the Crusader Strike skill. Moved it to see if it went on UI bar. And it did, I was surprised at that point.

Then had to spend a little bit of time trying to configure using the default WoW UI as well as look for them old macro's I had and minor update a few.

It was interesting seeing the new Glyph tree and the changes to how many and the types of glyph category. Had some empty slots to fill in for glyphs so after deciding a bit had my DK Alithas make me a few extra glyphs and was at least now set to go see the world.

At least best I can figure that's what I went with so far. In the end worked out a protection paladin spec and also spec my secondary retribution spec as well for 3/2/31 best I could figure things out.

Hearted to Dalaran since that's where my heartstone was set at and met a ghost city. Funny the place was packed the last time I was there, but that was months ago at last log in. There was no one to be found in Dalaran but maybe one or two players but a ghost city to say the least. Dropped by the trainers and updated training for all of Galo's professions to be able to train for the new skills. Stopped by the flight master and picked up the new flight training for Azeroth whatever it called can't remember.

Then was heading back to Orgrimmar. Umm where did all the portals go? Didn't realize all the portals in Dalaran are now gone. So took the flight master and flew to Borean Tundra and took the boat back to Orgrimmar.

Decided to do the first quest I had picked earlier up and actually did the first quest for "The Eye of the Storm" which i didn't realize is right there at the quest giver. Which eventually sent me off to Vashj'ir though at the time I had no idea that's where I was going. Being away from the game for so long everything was just so new that had no idea that's where I was going. I did know the other new lvl 80 starter zone was to Mount Hyjal but I had no clue where to find that so Vashj'ir at the time was just fine.

By the time did the first quest in Vashj'ir zone was about 0150 am. The zones looked quite impressive and had fun doing the new quests. Loosing track of time I played several hours and eventually hit lvl 81 that was now about 0800 or so. was too sleepy at that point to stay awake.

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