Wednesday, December 8, 2010

First Day of Cataclysm

Finally got the installation done of Cataclysm and logged into few my character accounts. I could barely recognize the world. I'm playing with plain default UI.

Since the last time I logged into WoW was quite a while ago for the most part when I logged in I was actually outside or Orgrimmar and had to hop on into the city. Hell I could barely recognize the place and had no idea where anything was. Could barely find the Auction House and the Inn of all places. Everything just seem so new, and could easily get lost just running around Orgrimmar at this point.

First order of things. Look into my characters bags at all that gear and junk and try to make sense of it all and getting rid of most of it. Tough task that seem and all my character bags was just full of stuff I barely remember what they do. Stuff that used to be worth quite a bit of money now almost seem to be close to junk.

Anyway tried to sell most of it on the AH to see what I could get for most of it. Basically spend several on various characters trying to clean out their bags which all seem to be full for why I can't remember and try to clean out their banks a bit of all the crap that was there. Seem like a tough job when haven't played in months to decide what to get rid of.

Would almost be easier to just sell every single thing in bag and bank to the vendor including all the epic gear sitting in bag and bank to get rid of it all and no longer have to fuss with it anymore.


Kien said...

Super awesome hint.

There are 5 sets of Banks/Inns/AHs in Org now. All three are always very close to each other.

Goblin area south of Valley of Sprits
Valley of Strength (old school one)
Valley of Sprits (in the middle main Troll Hut area)
Valley of Wisdom (up the rise a bit, my personal fav b/c all there are literally 10 feet from each other.
Valley of Honor (buildings are on oposite sides of the bridge area.

Ardent Defender said...

Thanks for the hint Kien, had no idea there are now that many banks in Orgrimmar. If there are now that many in each city its gonna take me a while to find the new ones in all in rest of each horde city.

However the only one that seemed kinda obvious to find since it somewhat resemble the old layout somewhat was the Bank and Inn in Valley of Strength.

Thanks for the help.