Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Most Crazy Fun Quest in Cataclysm

I think its called Gnomebliteration a quest a few deep into a chain quest you find from a item that drops off a Crazed Gnome Surveyor or something like that in the South Eastern Dessert of Uldum zone a bit south of where Halls of Origination dungeon is but where you also find a whole lot of gnomes.

You get to flame roll hundreds of gnomes which is a whole lot of fun. Too bad its not a daily quest, it would be so much fun to flame roll gnomes. Must be tough to be a gnome, they get picked on allot. You get a nice blue item piece for the trouble of flame rolling gnomes.


Tachyon said...

Hell yes, I loved that quest too. I kept aiming for the mounted gnomes, as the striders glued to the fire ball looked and sounded so hilarious :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that was the best quest ever. When I first saw that you had to get 1000 gnomes, I was like "WTF that's so many!" Then I got started and afterward it was like I couldn't get enough!